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North West Catering Engineers are a company specialising in commercial kitchen maintenance. We very much believe that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we thoroughly recommend regular and scheduled servicing of all commercial kitchen equipment. However, that being said, North West Catering Engineers also understand that things can and will break, no matter how much care and attention you give them! We can cater for any unforeseen circumstances too.

Many catering equipment malfunctions and breakdowns occur due to kitchen equipment not being cleaned sufficiently. Sometimes the faults can be caused accidentally if an untrained staff member is cleaning the equipment incorrectly. Regularly keeping on top of commercial kitchen maintenance will see a considerable increase in the lifespan of your commercial kitchen appliances.

Nobody likes spending money, particularly if it could have been prevented. That’s why we recommend spreading the cost with maintenance plans. This way, you won’t be hit all in one go with a large sum to fix something that hasn’t been looked after properly.

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance, Lancashire

Our team of engineers has many years of experience in safely servicing and maintaining both gas and electric commercial appliances. We will look after table top to stand alone appliances, whether they’re natural gas operated, LPG or electric.

Annual gas inspections are required by law for all commercial premises, even if those premises happen to be on wheels! As part of commercial kitchen maintenance, North West Catering Engineers are able to provide Gas Safety Inspections, recognised LPG Gas Certifications and Electrical Safety Certification, whether your business is based in a stationary establishment, or is mobile.

North West Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

Our 24-hour breakdown response team are constantly on hand to help you with any situations which may arise. North West Catering Engineers appreciate that any downtime from commercial machines in a busy catering environment can be costly. With this in mind, we endeavour to get to you and fix any problems with as little inconvenience to your business as possible. We keep most parts on our vans, so no waiting around for weeks for parts to be ordered. We look forward to working with you!

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance, North West