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Commercial Kitchen Regulations UK

Commercial Kitchen Regulations UK

Here at NWCE  we take Commercial Kitchen Regulations UK seriously. So here is what should you know! If your business is one with kitchen or catering facilities, then you’ll most likely know that when it comes to running a commercial kitchen, there are a number of important rules and regulations to follow. This is to ensure your kitchen is safe, sanitary and of course practical. Additionally, commercial kitchens are having to adhere to more regulations to help protect staff and customers. So it is essential, that you and your business are up to date and comply with legislation. This is important; failure to do so could result in a hefty fine, negative publicity, or even imprisonment. So businesses need to ensure they stay on top of this ever-changing information.

Take a look at some of the key Commercial Kitchen Regulations UK which you will need to comply to.

Food Hygiene (THE FOOD SAFETY ACT 1990)

Food safety and hygiene is the best way to prevent food poisoning, so it’s essential in order to prevent food poisoning and to keep your staff and consumers healthy and virus-free. An easy way to remember these regulations is to think about the 4 Cs:

  • Cleaning – Food areas need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Make sure kitchen staff clean as they go, and don’t allow food waste to build up.
  • Cooking – Cook meat thoroughly to remove the risk of harmful bacteria. It’s generally good practice to cook food until it has a core temperature of 70°C.
  • Chilling – Some foods need to be chilled to prevent bacteria growth. Pay attention to any use-by dates, and ensure that cooked dishes, salads, and desserts are kept in the fridge.
  • Cross-contamination – Make sure that raw meat does doesn’t come into contact with prepared and ready-to-eat foods. Contamination can also happen if you use the same equipment for different types of food. Ensure that different equipment is used for each type of food.



Due to the large amounts of fumes and vapours that can be produced. It’s essential that every commercial kitchen has suitable and effective ventilation, in the form of a canopy or other ventilation system. As they play a vital role in helping to disperse heat and bring cool, clean air into the environment.

Cooking surfaces and system cooking produces large amounts of fumes, vapours, and heat. So it is important that all ventilation systems should remove cooking fumes at the source, without causing discomfort from strong draughts. They must also be easy to clean, as well as vibration free.  


All gas appliances need to be CE marked to prove that they are safe for use. Everyone who installs or maintains appliances must be Gas Safe registered and will need to be able to produce the relevant certificates to prove it. Furthermore, all gas safety checks must also be carried out annually.

In addition, commercial kitchens should be fitted with a Natural Gas & Interlock System to abide by British Standards. This safety interlocking system ensures that gas passes safely into your appliances and reduces the risk of accidents, explosions and carbon monoxide leaks. 



Regular maintenance of your catering equipment is necessary to ensure it’s fit for purpose and withstand the job in a demanding and fast-paced kitchen. Regulations state that all equipment should be regularly checked for wear and tear, and serviced where necessary. All safety-critical repairs need to be carried out by one of our qualified service engineers. 

Plus there are many more Commercial Kitchen Regulations UK within the catering industry to comply with. 


NWCE Foodservice Equipment is a well-known and well-established name within the commercial kitchen industry. We provide you with the crucial and appropriate solution for any of your commercial kitchen service requirements.

When you are about to install a kitchen for hotels or restaurants, then you should really think about the important aspects like servicing and maintenance of your kitchen appliances.

Our impeccable reputation comes from our knowledgeable and extremely talented team of engineers. Indeed,  we will provide you with the very best service for any of your commercial kitchen problems and will never compromise in terms of quality. Furthermore, your opinion matters to us, so if you are a small business or large chain, we will not let you down and when it comes to business, we are precise in the service which is provided to you.

So when you are about to install a kitchen for schools, hotels, restaurants, universities, etc. Then is the time to start thinking about the important aspects like servicing and maintenance of your kitchen appliances. 

tHE IMPORTANCE OF Commercial Kitchen Rules and Regulations UK

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration in a commercial kitchen. From frequent cleaning to essential restaurant equipment repair, the value of commercial kitchen equipment maintenance can’t be underplayed. A piece of well-maintained catering equipment means better functionality and even better quality food! For this reason, each piece of catering equipment in your kitchen should be properly maintained to achieve optimum performance.

In addition, maintenance and repair should be carried out regularly to keep food going out of the kitchen and to ensure staff can continue to use kitchen equipment without risking their safety, maintenance, and repair should be carried out regularly.

Here at NWCE Foodservice Equipment, our kitchens meet all British Standards and regulations. Furthermore, we have accredited engineers who can work throughout most of the UK. Plus, we have been servicing, installing, and commissioning an array of catering equipment, refrigeration, and bespoke extraction equipment for commercial kitchen premises for a number of years. We can not only carry out an emergency repair but also ensure preventative maintenance is carried out to ensure you’re never left without fully functioning equipment.


If you do need help with any commercial equipment, then get in touch with  NWCE Foodservice Equipment. We deal not only with catering equipment but also the kitchen installation service, maintenance of commercial catering equipment as well as the design and fabrication of full kitchen setups.