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Mistakes to avoid when it comes to your commercial kitchen ventilation

Commercial kitchens can be hot, steamy, smelly places during the height of service! So it’s important that you have the correct  ventilation system in place in order to keep the kitchen running as well as it possibly can. Here are the some of the common mistakes that people seem to carry out when it comes to  their commercial ventilation systems. 

  • Not all systems are the same  

You need to make sure that you understand the full ins and outs of the proposed site as each will be slightly different and need slightly different ventilation systems. 

  • Don’t dismiss the small details 

There’s a science behind ventilation systems, so pay attention to things like filters, pipe sizes and vents. The ventilation systems have a key part within the kitchen and need to work correctly.  

  • You don’t always end up with large bills 

Having an energy efficient kitchen seems to be at the fore front of peoples minds. However many people don’t realise that the ventilation can account for up to 15% of all energy costs. But, with new technology there are now plenty of ways to help reduce the amount of energy a full ventilation system uses. 

  • Don’t forget about the maintenance 

To keep running as smoothly as possible, it’s important to keep the ventilation system well maintained.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Service 

We offer a range of different services, not only for ventilation systems but also bakery equipment, catering equipment and refrigeration systems. For more information, why not get in touch with one of our team today? We’re contactable by phone, email and the online contact form.  There’s where we can come in! Our team of engineers have years of experience when it comes to ventilation systems. Whether that’s installing a new fan system, fixing a broken section or just running maintenance across the whole kitchen ventilation system, we can do it all.