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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Installations & Sales

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Here at NWCE Foodservice Equipment, as a refrigeration equipment specialist company we are always looking for ways to cut costs. That is why we offer a range of refrigeration equipment installations alongside our breakdown cover and service and maintenance plans. Our motto within the company is that prevention is better than cure, however we understand that your working life doesn’t flow that easily. 

So put your trust in our engineers for your refrigeration equipment sales and installations! Not only do we work with the essential refrigeration equipment such as walk-in chillers, display fridges and chest freezers. We also work with a range of catering equipment, as well as bakery and ventilation systems.

NWCE engineers have even worked with specialist restaurants and installed food equipment such as pizza ovens and meat slicers.


Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Installations & Sales

In addition to installations, commercial refrigeration services also offer industrial refrigeration maintenance. Regular maintenance is essential to keep the refrigeration systems running smoothly and prevent costly breakdowns. Maintenance services provided by these specialists include inspections, cleaning, and calibration of the equipment. They also conduct routine checks for any potential issues, such as leaks or malfunctioning components, to address them before they escalate into major problems. By partnering with a refrigeration service, businesses can extend the lifespan of their equipment and avoid unexpected downtime.

By partnering with a commercial refrigeration service, businesses can benefit from expert installations, regular maintenance, and professional guidance in selecting the right equipment. A reputable refrigeration equipment specialist company can provide the necessary expertise and support to meet the unique requirements of each business, ultimately contributing to their success in the industry.

For businesses looking to purchase new refrigeration equipment or upgrade their existing systems, commercial refrigeration services also provide sales assistance. These companies have in-depth knowledge of the latest advancements in refrigeration technology and can offer expert advice on selecting the most suitable equipment. Whether it’s a compact reach-in refrigerator or a large-scale industrial cooling system, the refrigeration specialists help businesses choose the right equipment based on their specific needs, budget, and energy efficiency requirements. They can also guide customers through the purchasing process, ensuring they make an informed decision.


Industrial Refrigeration Maintenance is just as important!

Industrial refrigeration systems are critical for a wide range of businesses, including food processing plants and cold storage facilities. These systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and maintain the quality and safety of stored products. This is where a commercial refrigeration service specialising in industrial refrigeration maintenance comes into play.

Industrial refrigeration maintenance involves a comprehensive set of tasks aimed at inspecting, cleaning, and servicing the refrigeration equipment. Professional commercial refrigeration services like NWCE employ skilled technicians who are trained to handle the intricacies of industrial refrigeration systems. NWCE technicians have in-depth knowledge of the equipment and can identify potential issues before they become major problems.

Regular maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems includes inspecting and cleaning condenser coils, lubricating motors and bearings, and safety testing. These tasks help ensure that the equipment operates efficiently, minimises energy consumption, and extends the lifespan of the system. By addressing minor issues during routine maintenance, businesses can avoid costly breakdowns and reduce the risk of product spoilage.

When it comes to preserving perishable items, refrigeration equipment takes center stage. Commercial refrigerators, freezers, walk-in coolers, and blast chillers are meticulously designed to maintain consistent temperatures. These appliances play a vital role in keeping ingredients fresh to adhere to food safety regulations.

Commercial refrigerators are engineered to provide optimal temperature control and storage capacity for perishable goods to remain fresh. Freezers are dedicated to preserving frozen items for extended periods, to keep food safe for consumption. Walk-in coolers store a larger volume of perishable items, whilst blast chillers rapidly cool cooked food to maintain its quality.

The seamless integration of cooking and refrigeration equipment in a commercial kitchen ensures a smooth workflow. This allows culinary professionals to meet the demands of high-volume production.

Whether it’s the precise cooking performance of industrial-grade stoves or the reliable storage capabilities of commercial refrigerators. Each piece of equipment plays a vital role in creating a productive and efficient kitchen environment.

Industrial refrigeration systems are purposefully designed to handle the demanding cooling requirements of commercial environments. These systems are engineered to operate under challenging conditions while maintaining high-capacity cooling capabilities. Regular maintenance performed by experienced technicians is vital in preserving the reliability, efficiency, and longevity of these systems.

These service companies understand the critical importance of maintaining the integrity of stored products and the impact it has on business success. Through their expertise and dedication to excellence, they ensure that refrigeration systems operate at their optimal level. These preserve the quality and safety of the stored goods.

At NWCE, we are committed to providing top-quality refrigeration service to businesses across various industries. Our team of skilled technicians is equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in industrial refrigeration maintenance. We prioritise prompt and efficient service, ensuring that our clients experience minimal disruptions to their operations.

The presence of commercial kitchen ventilation systems is imperative for maintaining a safe and comfortable environment in food service establishments. These systems effectively remove all excess, safeguarding the well-being of kitchen staff and ensuring the overall quality of indoor air. By incorporating various components such as exhaust hoods, ductwork, filtration systems, and fire suppression systems, businesses can effectively manage ventilation and create a kitchen environment that is both healthy and compliant.

Exhaust hoods are key elements of commercial kitchen ventilation systems as they capture and remove airborne contaminants. They are strategically placed above cooking equipment to extract smoke, steam, and cooking fumes. The ductwork plays a vital role in transporting the extracted air to the exterior, thus preventing the accumulation of pollutants within the kitchen space.

Filtration systems are another crucial component of commercial kitchen ventilation systems. They remove grease particles and other impurities from the air before it is discharged outside. This not only helps maintain a clean kitchen environment but also extends the lifespan of the system.

Refrigeration Equipment Installations & Sales

One of the primary services offered by a commercial refrigeration service is equipment installation. Skilled technicians from NWCE have extensive knowledge and expertise in handling commercial refrigeration systems, for instance display cases and refrigerated storage units. We  understand the specific needs of different businesses and work closely with them to design and install a customised refrigeration system that meets their specific requirements.

In addition to installations, commercial refrigeration services also provide sales assistance to businesses in need of new refrigeration equipment. These services are typically offered by companies specializing in refrigeration equipment sales. They have a deep understanding of the latest advancements in refrigeration technology and can provide expert guidance to businesses in selecting the most suitable equipment.

Not to mention how our professional installations will be here for the long haul, intricately installed to prevent failures. With such reputation in the industry, NWCE use the highest quality of equipment due to being a professional equipment refrigeration equipment specialist company.


NWCE: North West’s Refrigeration Equipment Specialist Company

Once we have finished installing your refrigeration equipment, we want to make sure that you are happy with the work we have carried out. That is why we offer bespoke refrigeration service plans. We create these plans to make sure that they work for your business. Every one of our plans has developed to help reduce any downtime that comes with repairs and keep businesses running smoothly.

Our engineers have years of experience and they are able to deal with an extensive range of equipment belonging to different brands. So if you’re looking for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Installations & Sales Greater Manchester, get in touch with one of our office team today. If you’d like to see what brands and commercial refrigeration equipment we can deal, you can read our list of manufacturers here.

We are based in Bolton, Greater Manchester however, we send our engineers across the UK Mainland. Specifically, we have a list of the areas we cover here.