Commercial catering equipment - renting a glasswasher
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Commercial catering equipment

Commercial catering equipment – pros & cons of renting glasswashers from us

Here at North West Catering Engineers,  we maintain, service and repair an extensive range of commercial catering equipment, which includes extractors and ventilation systems, commercial refrigeration, and even mobile catering equipment.

However, this isn’t all we do. We now offer a range of glasswashers to rent or buy! Our glass washer is produced by Inowash, who are known worldwide for their commercial and professional catering equipment.

To rent or not to rent?

So you’re thinking of investing in a new glass washer to help improve your catering companies efficiency. But the question is, do you rent one or do you buy one? Well, hopefully, this blog will help you to decide which option to go for!

Commercial catering equipment – glass washers

One of the major advantages of renting a glass washer is the fact that you don’t have a large initial financial outlay. You are paying over a period of time, which makes it more affordable. Our glass washers start from as low as £49.45 per month.

If you do decide to rent your glass washers from NWCE, that also means that it’s covered in case of any breakdowns or faults. The glass washers that we provide include our service and maintenance plans. And if it isn’t replaceable, we will provide you with another! So that way you won’t be stuck in any situation.

A final advantage of renting is, if you’re ever in the position where you don’t want/need the glass washer anymore, then you can just cancel the contract with no hassle or complications.

But this leads on to some of the disadvantages. Just like renting other things, you’re going to end up paying more than you would if you bought it outright. And this also means that you don’t actually own the glass washer.

North West Catering Engineers

Personally, we think that the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages, and we hope that you do too! But if you need any more information then feel free to get in touch with one of our team who is there to answer any questions.