Convotherm | A Wellbilt Brand | Commercial Catering Equipment | NWCE
Folds Road, Bolton, BL1 2SB

Convotherm | A Wellbilt Brand | NWCE

Convotherm is a brand who has a strong passion for everything they create. They have an unmistakable, unique identity which makes them stand out from the crowd. As stated on their website, they have a passion for the three main customer benefits, partnership, excellence and creativity. Together, they create the Convotherm brand.

Convotherm pride themselves on working with their customers, and clients to make them more successful with the use of high-quality equipment. Anyone who has worked with any of the Convotherm range, especially the combi steamer, will understand the quality and efficiency of the equipment. Throughout all this, they constantly strive to create and pioneer solutions to help their clients. Their motto is ‘Covetherm – Your meal. Our mission.’