Coronavirus Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan | NWCE
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Coronavirus Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan

24 Hour Catering Equipment Breakdown Cover

The directors here at NWCE Foodservice Equipment have implemented stage one of our business crisis management plan which has been specifically redrafted for the current and forecasted Covid-19 pandemic.

1. Our top priority is to look after our staff, customers and supplier’s wellbeing. We are closely monitoring and following all government and NHS guidelines.

2. We have crisis management plans in place to ensure business continuity (see info below.)

3. We have already tested our systems and procedures to ensure the CMP works. We have actually invested in additional equipment and services for our team to work as a network.

4. We are working hard to ensure a continuity in our supply chain, sourcing alternatives and using our extensive warehouse stock of equipment and parts.

CMP Operational Guidelines

We will operate in a three phase process :-
Phase 1 – Standard business practices can be operated with staff levels at 50%

Phase 2 – Crisis response team works remotely as a network with minimal office attendance required. All allocated response team members have allocated support worker to cover if necessary.

Phase 3 – NWCE senior management team and directors will go out and cover any areas required, including site engineering work.

Implemented with immediate effect

We are now only allowing critical office head office visits from outside contractors and suppliers. Contractors and supplier visiting our head office for critical visits must also complete a disclaimer.
Hand wash, hygiene facilities and sanitisers have been made compulsory at NWCE premises. All of our engineers vehicles have been equipped with extra PPE  and it’s been provided to all site visiting staff.
Internal staff instructions and communication are constantly monitored and assessed.

Note : Covid-19 is reported to affect young healthy individuals in a mild form requiring a 14 days self isolation period. The NWCE team average age is early 30s so as and when affected we are not expecting long periods of staff shortages – the effect on our business could actually be similar to staff taking leave during the summer months.



At NWCE, we treat the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, customers and suppliers as paramount to our operation.

Since Sunday 22nd March the directors have implemented stage 2 of our crisis management plan, which again has been specifically redrafted in line with current government guidelines.


What phase 2 implementation means:


  1. Our front-line engineers are now only attending critical response and installation tasks for the NHS and critical infrastructure sites as per updated government guidelines issued. PPE is replenished frequently and is readily available.
  2. Crisis response teams are now working remotely as a network with minimal office attendance required. They are currently using our tried and tested infrastructure network for service delivery.
  3. Our spares and procurement department are again working remotely, redirecting and forwarding all critical spares and appliances to our engineers or direct to sites. We are working very hard everyday assessing supply chain activity and sourcing alternatives as an when possible.



As a company that supports vital front-line services like the NHS and other critical infrastructure such as care homes, the education sector and food processing operations, we are evaluating information every day.



We would like to thank all our staff who have again stood up, grasped and pushed forward with our efforts to support our NHS and critical infrastructure clients.

Also, gratitude to our suppliers and contractors for delivering key services which we require so we can carry on offering our support to these sectors, this is not just a national effort but a global effort we must help each other with.