Counterline | Commercial Catering Equipment
Folds Road, Bolton, BL1 2SB


Counterline is a market-leading company who have been established for over 30 years, and within that time frame, they have become the home of the well-known and contemporary idesign range! Being huge on the global scale, Counterline have many different bain maries, display units, fridges and safety systems available, becoming known for the intricately manufactured products, designed with longevity in mind.

They have produced a range of high spec display cabinets and display units. These products can be created and customised, they aren’t only built to one specification like many other commercial catering pieces of equipment. This allows you to personalise your commercial kitchen, to create a unique working environment for your kitchen staff to give you that desired edge over your competition.


If your kitchen is in need of brand-new food and display units, Counterline have the kitchen units for you! Suitable in all different kitchen environments, catering, home, hospitality and food retail kitchens, and in many different sectors too, being popular in many different sectors, from garden centres to sports venues.

Their equipment is used globally from Buckingham Palace all the way to the offices in Yahoo! During the recent years, Counterline as a company have seen a huge growth in Asia and thanks to this growth, their export accounts have increased by over 20%! They are truly an example of a food service company whose products can speak for themselves worldwide.


Luckily, NWCE have a lot of experience dealing with Counterline products, having specific product knowledge, which will be able to benefit our customer’s kitchens – both installation and maintenance. Having a very experienced team of design, installation and maintenance, each being able to bring something different to your kitchen in the hope of bringing your dream kitchen into reality!

NWCE are confident recommending Counterline’s products for commercial kitchens all over the UK, having the quality, quantity and reliability to support your long-term investment.