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How to cut catering equipment Manchester costs this Christmas!

Christmas is on the busiest times of year for near enough everyone! And we understand that it can be a very expensive time of year, and we don’t mean because of presents and decorations! So we’ve come up with a few little hints and tips to help reduce your catering equipment and overall costs over the festive period.

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  • Food costs – they account for around 30% of total costs. Why not try to reduce these costs by making reductions in your stock levels, checking the weight of your deliveries and even trying to haggle and negotiate a better deal with your suppliers?
  • Menu costs – make sure you balance your menu costs. There is no point creating a menu which costs more to produce than you’re charging for it, obviously. And make sure you focus on your sizes and portion control.
  • Equipment costs – look after your glass and tablewear. Replacing them constantly means spending a considerable amount of money. So invest in some toughened glass, and use compartment dishwasher racks. Studies have also shown that you can spend up to £6000 buying, using and disposing oil. Why not looking to filtering your oil to make it last longer? The same principle applies with dirty beer lines.  It’s also worth investing in catering catering equipment Manchester at the beginning as this could help save you money in the long term.
  • Restaurant energy costs – keeping everything as clean as possible is a good way to help reduce energy consumption. Especially when it comes to ventilation units, extractor fans and refrigeration/cooling systems.

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