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Dealing with your drainage correctly

The drains are something that can easily be forgotten, but they’re a key part of any restaurant, catering company, bakery etc. They only tend to thought about when something goes wrong, for example if there’s a blockage or breakage. And when things go wrong, it only results in downtime and loss of earnings. So how can we deal for and care about that piece of catering equipment that everyone forgets about? 

Dealing with commercial drainage

Grease, fats and oils are a drainage systems worst enemy. When they’re hot or liquid there isn’t an issue, however when they make their way through the drains and start to cool down. As they cool and harden, it can start to latch onto debris and other bits of grime already in the drain. As the build up grows, it can start to restrict water flowing through and can even cause extensive damage in the larger sewer system. 

How to improve your drainage

If you’re struggling with keeping your drains as clean and grease free as they should be, then there are few pieces of equipment that you can install in your kitchen to help catch the oil before it can reach the drains. If you use ware washing equipment, it could be worth upgrading your system so it includes a grease breakdown option. 

Alternatively, You could purchase a grease trap or a dosing module.

A dosing module is a unit that can be simply mounted directly to the wall near your sink. It’s then fed into the actual pipework. That means the specialist formula of chemicals can be added before being fully drained away. This special fluid  degrades fats, oils and greases that are commonly found in a commercial kitchen.

A grease trap is much larger than a dosing module. It’s installed below your sink to catch the unwanted debris as it is washed away. All the fats, oils and grease are drained into a separate container whilst water flows into the normal drainage system. All the grease accumulates and can be disposed of properly and professionally with no mess or fuss.

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Here at NWCE, our engineers are on hand to help deal with whatever issues you may have in your commercial kitchen. So if you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team!