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Deck Oven services

Deck oven services, repairs & installations

Deck ovens use conduction heat in order to bake your food thoroughly.  They are commonly used in the baking and catering industry for products such as bread.
The success of deck ovens has rooted from the design of the oven which creates an environment in which the heat can be manipulated in different ways but maintains a high temperature. The constant heat and open space allows multiple products to be baked at once, at an efficient rate, over a small period of time. Basic deck ovens typically operate at around 350°C – 482°C.
There are three main heating systems which can be used with deck ovens, the first being a steam tube. A steam tube oven boils water into steam, then surrounds the heating chamber, through the movement of the steam through tubes.  From here the steam condenses back into water and is left to cool, before being reheated to bake the food. The second heating system is the cyclothermic oven, which uses combustion to heat air. A convention fan transports air within the oven, to provide each section of the oven with equal amounts of heat. The third heating system is the thermal oil oven, which uses oil within the oven walls to heat the food. This process starts with oil being heated and then being pumped around the oven, circulating the oven walls and finally being stored within the walls for a long period of time. This uses the least amount of power out of the three. But it’s a complicated system, which requires constant maintenance to function.

NWCE – Commercial catering services, maintenance & installation

That’s where we come in! Here at NWCE we are able to create a service plan that works for you, your deck oven and your commercial kitchen. So if you are looking for information on how we can keep your commercial kitchen in the best shape possible, whether that’s with a service and maintenance plan or whether that’s using our engineers to install your latest commercial catering equipment, get in touch with one of our team today!
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