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Deck Oven – Pros and Cons

A deck oven is a significant baking appliance for any busy kitchen environment. They are built to bake many goods at once, whilst thoroughly baking your food – perfect for breads and pastries! Particularly, Breads and Pastries which makes them essential for bakeries and cafes.

Many deck ovens are equipped with steam injection systems. Steam plays a crucial role in baking, contributing to crust development and moisture retention. The steam injection feature in deck ovens enables bakers to create beautifully risen bread and pastries with a golden crust.

NWCE would like to inform you of the pros and cons of deck ovens for baking. This will include heating systems, baking techniques, temperature control, steam injection and even deck oven maintenance.


Three Heating Systems in One Oven

A Deck Oven has three main means of heating: electrically heated, gas heated and indirect heating.  All 3 can be helpful in different ways and the most common temperatures that Deck Ovens function at are between 350°C – 500°C. This is exactly what allows you to bake many different kinds of bakery goods!

Electric heating provides precise temperature control and even heat distribution, allowing for consistent baking results. It is a popular choice for smaller bakeries or locations where gas connections are not available. Gas heating offers quick heat-up times and efficient energy usage, with the heat is generated through the combustion.

Indirect heating is found in high-end deck ovens, these ovens use heat transfer through heated air or steam. The heat source is located in a separate chamber, and the hot air/steam is circulated into the baking chamber. Indirect heating provides precise temperature control and enables bakers to achieve the most specific baking conditions.


Pros of a Deck Oven

Deck ovens are renowned for producing outstanding baking results, due to flexibility in baking techniques. The design of these ovens, with their stone or ceramic decks, allows for even heat distribution. As a result, you are guaranteed evenly baked goods with crispy crusts and tender interiors.

Commercial deck ovens come in various sizes and configurations, allowing bakers to bake multiple batches simultaneously. So this versatility is especially beneficial for high-volume bakeries, as it increases productivity and efficiency.

Deck ovens provide precise temperature control, allowing bakers to achieve the desired baking conditions for different types of products. The ability to adjust the temperature of each deck independently is particularly advantageous when baking different items simultaneously.


Cons of a Deck Oven

Commercial deck ovens are typically larger and more expensive compared to other types of ovens. They require ample space in the bakery, which may be a limitation for smaller establishments with limited square footage.

Mastering deck oven baking techniques may require some practice and experience. Understanding how to utilise the multiple decks, manage temperature differentials, and make adjustments for various recipes can be a learning curve for novice bakers.

Deck ovens require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, especially steam injection systems. Cleaning the decks, removing residue, and properly maintaining the steam generation components are essential for consistent baking results.


Tips for Maintenance:

When choosing a deck oven, assess your specific baking requirements, production volume, and available space. Research reputable brands and consult with industry experts to find the best deck oven that suits your needs.

Proper maintenance is key to the longevity and performance of your deck oven. In fact, we recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning, maintenance, and routine inspections. Regularly check and replace worn-out parts, such as heating elements or steam generators, as recommended.

Invest in training your baking staff on deck oven baking techniques and proper oven operation. Ensure they understand temperature control, steam injection, and deck utilisation to optimize baking results.


Deck Oven Installations at NWCE

Here at NWCE, we offer a wide range of kitchen appliances, which we can install into your commercial kitchen. Our team can help you through the planning, purchasing and installing processes to make sure you fulfil your kitchen’s potential. Essentially, this is the best way of getting the most for your money.

The sheer size of Deck Ovens makes them noble fit in many different kitchen environments, from canteens to supermarket kitchens. Their many heating systems give you a lot of freedom when it comes to baking food in your desired way.

So for installations, maintenance and repairs of kitchen equipment all you need to do is get in touch. By informing us of your enquiry, we will have specific solutions lined up for you. If all is approved, NWCE will certainly be able to carry out an installation as soon as possible.