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Common dishwasher faults and dishwasher repairs Manchester

Common dishwasher faults and dishwasher repairs Manchester

Your dishwasher and ware washing equipment is a crucial part of your commercial kitchen. The amount of glass ware they’re able to wash just doesn’t compare with hand washing and isn’t as hygienic at times either. So when you’re starting to have issues with your dishwasher, then it’s worth being on the ball with dishwasher repairs Manchester. Here are some of the most common issues when it comes to dishwasher repairs Manchester. 

  • Not starting at all 

There could be a few reasons why your dishwasher isn’t starting. The door latch switch may be faulty, the selector switch might be damaged, or there might be a defective timer. These can be checked with the use of a multimeter by one of out engineers. 

  • Dishwasher is leaking 

This is most likely one of two issues, the pump seal or the door gasket. The pump seal is made of rubber which means it will wear down over time and usage and eventually will need to be replaced. It’s a similar job when the door gasket seal is leaking. That can become very brittle and weak with time and will need to be replaced. 

  • Dishes are coming out dirty 

Your discharge casket could be loose or faulty which means the water isn’t coming out the spray arm efficiently. Or there could be an issue with the spray arm itself. There are a few different things that could be wrong with the arm. That includes a worn out bearing ring, or some sort of obstruction. 

Dishwasher repairs Manchester

Our engineers are able to come out and work on your broken catering equipment on site to make sure that we keep your down time to as minimal as possible. So if you’re in need of dishwasher maintenance plans, services or repairs in Manchester and across the North West then get in contact with one of team today!