Equipment Checklist for Pizzeria Restaurants Kitchen | NWCE
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Equipment Checklist for Pizzeria Restaurants Kitchen | NWCE

Equipment Checklist for Pizzeria Restaurants Kitchen

Out of all catering kitchens, one of the most common one you will come across is a Pizzeria Restaurant Kitchen.  This is referring to both restaurants and takeaway places, as it is crucial to have the right equipment. Specifically, you need to be making pizza to brag about through the use of Pizzeria Kitchen Equipments UK.

There will also be familiar commercial kitchen equipments, which are found in every commercial kitchen. This is in reference to storage, refrigeration equipment, mixers, and many more depending on your kitchen’s function. In short, there are many different factors and appliances to weigh up when it comes to your kitchen.

If you need any support when it comes to designing your Pizzeria Kitchen, NWCE is definitely the place for you. North West Catering Engineers have been providing catering kitchen services for many years, up and down the country. With our experience in the commercial kitchen design sector, we can certainly set your kitchen up for success.

The Importance of Investing in your Food

Many new kitchen owners believe that investing in your food is purely looking for finer ingredients, which may work. However, the biggest factor is the commercial kitchen equipments UK used within your commercial kitchen. This isn’t just referring to the cooking equipment, but is even applying to commercial appliances UK like refrigeration.

Investing in Commercial Restaurant Equipments UK should be able to improve your food. This comes through the way you cook your food and the overall flexibility of how you cook the food. Allowing a chef to cook their way is very important, so these are worthy investments for any kitchen.

The most important food to invest in when it comes to a Pizzeria Kitchen is definitely Pizza. Especially if this is an Italian Restaurant, so you can boast the most authentic dish possible for customers. This will be achieved if you consider the following products and select the ones best suited to you.

Specific Pizzeria Kitchen Equipments UK

Pizza Preparation Tables are the most efficient way of storing and putting together your pizza before baking. With many different sections to the tables, these are ideal for storing toppings and any necessary pans too. Not to mention how they also have ventilation and refrigeration systems for the food supplies.  

Mixers will determine the consistency and potentially type of pizzas your kitchen makes. Spiral Mixers use a bowl and spiral dough hook in order to provide a smooth dough production. Whereas Planetary Mixers can use a range of accessories for different types of mixing and kneading.  

There are plenty of different types of Pizza Ovens which can be used in Commercial Kitchens. The most vital factors you will have to weigh up are time, functionality and supervision needed. Not to mention how the production of the pizza will depend on the cooking appliance.

Which Oven Should I use?

As established, there are three cookers to choose from, so which one should you be looking at? Conveyor Ovens are excellent when you are focused on speed, being able to bake a pizza in 5 minutes. These are designed more for takeaways due to efficiency, yet can massively heat up a kitchen.

Pizza Deck Ovens are best suited to baking a gourmet pizza, ideal for baking thin crust pizzas. Although Deck Ovens cook slower, they cook much more thoroughly for a perfect pizza in 8 minutes. These are also manual, as staff will have to rotate the pizza for the most consistent results.

Brick and Dome Ovens can cook up to 12 pizzas at once, being able to maintain temperatures of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. These can be wood-fired, gas-fired or combi, but require an hour of pre-heating before use. Being cooked exactly like wood-fired ovens but being much more convenient yet may not be suitable for every pizzeria.

NWCE Commercial Kitchen Appliances UK

NWCE need no introduction when it comes to catering kitchen design and kitchen maintenance services. Pizzeria Kitchens are just one of the many different types of commercial kitchen we look to redevelop. If you are in need of any support with your new pizzeria kitchen then we recommend getting in touch.

Our Kitchen Consultants can begin as easy as outlining exactly what you are looking to get out of your kitchen. Then with the help of our kitchen designers, we will be able to get as specific as needed. After all this planning is complete, our kitchen engineers will arrive to tackle the job!

To get in touch with the NWCE team, simply click here.


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