10 Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK
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Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK

10 Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK

Efficiency is king and quality reigns supreme when dealing with foodservice kitchens. Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK stands as the backbone of every successful restaurant venture. From sizzling grills to precision ovens, these culinary workhorses ensure that dishes are prepared with finesse and served to perfection.

Above all, you will be in partnership with NWCE. We are a leading provider of professional kitchen services and maintenance, who have incomparable kitchen design experience. Let’s delve into the cornerstone pieces of commercial catering equipment that grace the bustling kitchens of the United Kingdom.

Evaluating Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK

No matter the size of your commercial kitchen maintenance companies, Commercial Kitchen Equipment are your tools to achieve success. In short, you will need to cover cookers, refrigeration, food preparation, dishwashers, ventilation and much more. In addition to weighing up the quality, longevity and usage of each piece of equipment.

However, identifying the exact appliances and systems you need can be much harder to narrow down. Plus having a big budget is irrelevant if you don’t have a degree of cohesion and layout in your kitchen. In fact, this may be where you need the assistance of a NWCE commercial kitchen designer.

As a result of this, NWCE have complied a list of 10 essentials for professional kitchen services. These pieces of equipment can only bolster the success of a kitchen, from restaurants to fast food takeaways.

Commercial Ovens:

The heartbeat of any kitchen, commercial ovens come in various forms – convection, combi, and conveyor. Specifically, these versatile behemoths facilitate baking, roasting, and broiling with precision. Thus, this will ensure consistent results for dishes ranging from succulent roasts to delicate pastries.

NWCE stands ready to service and maintain these essential units, thus ensuring uninterrupted culinary operations.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK: Refrigeration Units

Preserving freshness and extending shelf life, commercial refrigeration units are indispensable in any professional kitchen. Walk-in coolers, reach-in freezers, all of these units maintain ingredients at optimal temperatures. As a result, this will safeguard food quality and adhere to safety standards.

Commercial Grills and Griddles:

These cooking champions add a touch of char and extra flavour to every dish. This can include imparting tantalising grill marks on steaks or flipping fluffy pancakes on a griddle for versatile cooking.

NWCE’s expertise extends to maintaining and repairing these crucial pieces of equipment. Therefore, we will ensure your grills and griddles operate flawlessly during peak hours.

Commercial Fryers:

From crispy fries to golden-brown chicken tenders, commercial fryers transform raw ingredients into crispy delights. With NWCE’s comprehensive maintenance services, businesses can ensure their fryers operate efficiently. These high-quality fryers will breathe new life into food whilst our maintenance will minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

Commercial Range:

Acting as the centrepiece of many kitchens, commercial ranges integrate various cooking elements. This can be burners to griddles and ovens, into a single, space-saving unit. By combining functionalities and condensing them into one appliance, you will certainly save space.

NWCE’s technicians specialise in maintaining and optimising these multifaceted appliances. As a result, our kitchen engineers will keep them in peak condition for seamless culinary endeavours.

Commercial Food Processors:

Commercial food processors chop, slice, and dice ingredients with precision and speed, thus streamlining prep work and enhancing efficiency. NWCE’s dedication to professional kitchen services extends to these essential tools. This ensures they operate smoothly in order to expedite culinary workflows.

Commercial Dishwashers:

Behind every exceptional meal lies a mountain of dishes, pots, and pans awaiting cleansing. Commercial dishwashers tackle this vital task seamlessly, sanitising utensils and cookware to pristine condition. NWCE’s expertise in commercial kitchen maintenance ensures that dishwashers function reliably, so keeps operations running smoothly.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK: Sinks and Taps

A cornerstone of sanitation, commercial sinks and taps facilitate food preparation, handwashing, and dishwashing. In fact, ensuring these fixtures remain in optimal condition is paramount to upholding hygiene standards in any kitchen. NWCE’s professional kitchen services prioritise safeguarding cleanliness and compliance in every foodservice kitchen.

Commercial Food Warmers:

Commercial food warmers keep dishes at the perfect serving temperature, thus tantalising diners with piping-hot delights. Ideal for buffet lines and expedite stations, NWCE’s proficiency in commercial kitchen equipment installation extends to these warming units. As a result, consistency in food presentation and taste is guaranteed from first serving.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK: Ventilation Systems

Commercial ventilation systems whisk away smoke, grease, and airborne contaminants, to preserve air quality and mitigating odours. NWCE aim to create a comfortable and safe working environment, which guarantee optimal performance and compliance with regulations. Resultingly, NWCE’s specialised technicians offer in-depth maintenance and repair services for these crucial systems.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK by NWCE

Having access to reliable commercial kitchen equipment and professional maintenance services is paramount for foodservice. NWCE maintains an unwavering commitment to excellence and expertise in commercial kitchen maintenance. We stand as a trusted partner for foodservice businesses, thus ensuring that every culinary endeavour is executed with precision, efficiency, and flair.

Furthermore, if you are in need of any kitchen design support at all then contact our team. By simply filling out the contact form, NWCE will be able to come back to you with the perfect solution. This applies to any installation, repair, maintenance and breakdown services provided by us.

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