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Five different types of commercial refrigeration that you may need in your kitchen

Five different types of commercial refrigeration that you may need in your kitchen

Every commercial kitchen has different refrigeration needs depending on the food that is being served. Sometimes coming into this industry as a new comer, you can feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of choices that are available when it comes to commercial refrigeration. This article is going to talk through the five most popular pieces of commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment that you could have in your commercial kitchen. 

Each of these pieces of commercial refrigeration have their own specific uses, so if you have your restaurant plan set out, then it will be easier for you to know which piece of equipment you’ll need in your commercial kitchen. If you’re still planning things out, then hopefully this article will help you decide which refrigeration system you need in your kitchen. 

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

  • Reach Ins

These are the most common types of fridges, reach ins are used in restaurants, cafes, school kitchens, you name it and that style of kitchen probably uses a reach in. Essentially they are larger versions of the fridges that are in most homes. These reach ins are a lot more powerful than the domestic style of fridges. They have a higher cooling power and more storage space. These commercial reach ins also give you the choice of glass or metal doors that are either hinged or sliding. 

Reach ins tend to be placed within the kitchen prep area in order to give the cooks and kitchen staff easy and effective access. 

  • Walk Ins

Walk ins are exactly that, an area of chilled storage that people can walk straight into.  Walk ins can vary massively in size and shape. It’s also easier to keep things chilled, in turn saving energy as you’re able to shut the door behind you whilst collecting your stock. 

Walk ins tend to be situated in the delivery area. It makes it easier for staff to move large amounts of food straight into the walk in without any issues. Once all the stock has been sorted out, your kitchen team can then move stock around where it needs to be for the service. 

  • Refrigerated Prep Tables 

These prep tables allow your chefs and kitchen team to quick and easily pick up the ingredients that they need. Think of a well known subway shop and you know what a refrigerated prep table is. This kind of storage allows the food to stay at a chilled temperature and ease of access. 

This style of table is perfect for sandwiches, pizzas and salads.  The tables usually have a reach in or under counter fridge section for extra storage. 

  • Under Counter Refrigeration 

Similar to reach in fridges, under counter refrigerators give easy assess to stock and ingredient for those working on the line.  As the name suggests, these types of commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment can be installed directly under a prep table counter or kitchen counter. These fridges tend to be found in places that are hard of space, such as concession stands and food trucks. 

In larger kitchens, they can be used for storing produce that is used in large quantities throughout the day. If you do run out, it can be restocked from produce from the larger walk ins or reach ins. Having everything at arms reach means your team aren’t running between different sections constantly. 

Certain under counter refrigeration units can actually have worktops built on top. That means you can actually carry out prep on top of the fridge, creating a multi use piece of equipment. 

  • Bar Refrigeration

Bar refrigeration is important if you’re going to have a bar in the front of house. They can be built with either a black vinyl or stainless steel finish. Then you can also personalised the door, by choosing between either solid or glass doors. If you don’t have enough room behind the bar for the opening doors, you can choose a  bar refrigeration unit that has horizontal sliding doors at the top, which means you can reach down and grab a drink. 

Refrigeration Equipment

This article is only a brief overview of the different refrigeration units that are available. And like mentioned above, every single commercial kitchen will be different and not all refrigeration units will work in every single kitchen. If you’re looking for a commercial catering and foodservice company who will be able to give you advice about all things commercial refrigeration, then look no further than NWCE Foodservice Equipment. Their teams carry out Refrigeration Equipment Service & Maintenance, Refrigeration Equipment Installations & Sales , 24 Hour Refrigeration Equipment Breakdown Cover, to name a few.   

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