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The most common deep fryer issues and fryer repair tips

We can’t deny that as a nation we’re a sucker for fried food. Whether that’s fish and chips, mozzerella sticks or chicken nuggets, we all have a favourite when it comes to a fried treat. But of course this means that your commercial fryer is going to be in use for the majority of your service, and that also means that it’s more likely to have issues that other parts of the kitchen that aren’t being used as much. Here are some of the most common problems that we come across when it comes to fryer repair Manchester. 

Common fryer issues 

  • Pilot light won’t stay lit 

This issue is surprisingly common and it also means that your burners won’t be able to heat up effectively. However, there is a simple fix for this. It tends to be a broken thermopile that cause this issue. But don’t try to fix this yourself as it can cause more damage than good. It’s always worth calling a trained engineer anytime something isn’t working right. 

  • Temperature won’t stay under control 

This can be such a big issue in a kitchen, if the fryer is too hot or too cold then your food isn’t going to cook correctly which is going to have a massive knock on effect. You can always use a thermostat to check the oil temp, if it isn’t at the correct them then the internal thermostat is having some issues and will need to be replaced. 

  • Clogged burners 

If, when you turn the burners on, there isn’t a flame all the way around then it’s likely that there will be something will be blocking the burners. One easy way to try and get them to work again is by cleaning the orifices with the wire brushes once the burners are completely cool. If this doesn’t work then you’ll need to get a professional to come out and have a look. 

Fryer repair Manchester

If you are having any issues with your commercial fryers, they why not get in touch with one of our team today? We offer fryer repairs, service and maintenance as well as breakdown cover in Manchester and beyond!