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1864 – The Garland Line began in a small Foundry in Detroit, which grew to become the Michigan Stove company in 1873, and produced over 200 varieties of stoves under the name GARLAND.

1893 – The Garland Stove was unveiled at the World’s Fair. It now is on permanent display in the Michigan State Fairgrounds.

1925 – Detroit Stove Works and Michigan Stove Company joined to make the Detroit-Michigan Stove Company. The Garland line is one of the only brands remaining.

1952 – A distributor was established in Toronto, Ontario. The new company was one man, Russell Prowse. With faith, enthusiasm and a trunk full of catalogues, Prowse established a Garland manufacturing facility within one year.

1955 – Welbilt Company purchased the Garland name and moved the US production line to Maspeth, New York. The Canadian production also continued to grow.

1973 – The Garland Line outgrew the NY facility, and a new plant, Garland Commercial Industries, was built in Freeland Pennsylvania.

1995 -Garland Group is formed.

1996 – Berisford PLC acquires Webilt Company.

2000 – Berisford PLC changes its name to Enodis PLC.

2008 – Garland became part of Welbilt through the acquistion of Enodis PLC by The Welbilt Company.