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Gas installations for Kitchens

Gas Installations for Kitchens

For the majority of commercial kitchens, gas is a necessity. With so many aspects of a commercial kitchen relying on gas, it’s important that gas installations for Kitchens are carried out not only efficiently, but safely as well.

That’s why here at NWCE we have a team of qualified commercial gas engineers. Our qualified Gas Installations for Kitchens are able to work all over the country and their extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of gas appliances. This ensures that every job will be completed to the highest standard in a commercial catering environment.

Gas Installations for Kitchens can be a dangerous task, so it is always best to leave it to NWCE.

What is a commercial catering gas engineer?

If you’re looking for Gas to be installed within your commercial kitchen it is vital that you put your trust in a certified and licensed Gas Safe company that can help you set up your commercial catering gas equipment and appliances.

The law requires that all gas engineers in the UK, Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Jersey are on the Gas Safe Register. We’re proud to say that here at NWCE, we have a team of specially trained commercial kitchen gas engineers readily available to inspect your commercial catering establishment and assess pipework and service areas to achieve IGEM/UP/1A standards. As well as this, our commercial gas engineers can issue your foodservice business with a CP42 commercial catering gas safety certificate.

This certificate proves the gas equipment within your kitchen is not only safe but that it has also been installed safely and correctly!

As we do in all aspects of our business, we are fully committed to constantly providing superlative services. One way we can provide you with evidence of our top-quality service is by sharing some of the accreditations that we have been awarded!

Here are some of our accreditations:

Why are gas installations for kitchens so important?

Not all commercial kitchen businesses require the use of gas in their foodservice settings. Companies such as McDonald’s make their kitchens run smoothly without the use of any gas whatsoever. However, for most catering businesses, gas installations for Kitchens are of the utmost importance.

There are many reasons as to why gas is coveted within a commercial food setting. Not only is gas cooking valuable due to its speed, when installed by a commercial catering gas engineer, its also very safe and extremely dependable.

For chefs and caterers, gas is also favourable as you have total control over the heat. With gas cooking appliances, you don’t have to wait for the heating element to warm up. Subsequently, you can irradicate long wait times when switching equipment on and you can also adjust temperatures instantly, which is preferred by many cooks.

Gas cooktops and gas ovens also offer accurate cooking temperatures, along with even heat distribution. This is a highly desirable attribute in the food service industry as it allows chefs to cook food evenly and quickly!

what’s more, Gas burners also have comparatively low heat emissions. This is due to the fact that the flame disappears when the gas is turned off. Not only will this save energy, gas stoves create less heat than their electric counterparts, the risk of accidental burns is also minimized.  

Keeping your kitchen safe with gas installations

As we have already mentioned, gas can be safer in regard to accidental burns. Nevertheless, some still worry about the dangers linked to gas.

When installed properly by a catering gas engineer, a regularly serviced and properly maintained gas system can prevent fires, as well as the production of toxic carbon monoxide and even an explosion. To put it simply, gas can be dangerous in some instances, but with proper installation carried out by a licensed team or individual, these threats can be prevented or eradicated.

Keeping your kitchen safe doesn’t stop with proper installation. It’s also vital that regular services are carried out and maintenance is completed as and when needed!

As a result, finding a company that can offer the services of an emergency commercial gas engineer is in your best interest. Not only can you help to maintain your kitchens gas components by carrying out proper cleaning and care, having an emergency commercial gas engineer will ensure any issues with your gas can be identified and rectified quickly, efficiently, and safely!

Services provided by our commercial gas engineers. As a commercial kitchen gas engineer, you are trained to carry out a plethora of services relating to gas. As a result, our team at NWCE can assure you that your kitchen will be certified to be gas safe.

Our licensed and skilled gas engineers are able to carry out a number of gas services, such as:

Gas pressure maintenance and repair

In order to remain safe and efficient, appliances need to operate at specific pressures. If your appliances are not working correctly or you can smell gas it is possible that the pressure is out. Our gas engineers’ experts can check the gas pressure, adjust it, and repair any defective or broken items.

Appliance installation

When setting up a new gas appliance, it is important that the installation is handled by a certified professional!  At NWCE, we have the experience needed to install your new appliances in perfect working condition.

Appliance maintenance

Maintaining appliances is as crucial as installation. For example, if something is not working properly, we have engineers available for callouts that can safely inspect safety devices. Such as pressure switches, flow sensors, and temperature sensors to ensure the appliance runs safely and efficiently.   

Gas Escape

It goes without saying that gas leaks are a serious hazard and need to be dealt with rapidly by a professional. If you should smell gas, it is crucial to act fast.

Emergency assistance

Not all gas-related emergencies happen during regular business hours. That is why our operatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you’re looking to install gas in your kitchen or need a commercial catering gas engineer, why not get in touch with us today?

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