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What is a Gas Safety Check and why do you need one?

Here at NWCE, all of our catering engineers Greater Manchester are fully Gas Safe trained, which means they are all trained to work with gas commercial catering equipment. We know we talk about Gas Safety Checks a lot! But as a commercial business, it is imperative that you keep up to date with all your checks. It is a legal requirement that your establishment has a Gas Safe certificate. It needs to be in date and you’ll need to get it renew every year.

Gas Safety Checks

Gas Safety Checks are different to gas catering equipment Greater Manchester services. The check is in place to make sure that any of your appliances, including the boilers, cookers, ovens, pizza fires etc are all working correctly and more importantly safely. During your check our engineers will check that your appliances are –

  • working at the correct pressure
  • that there’s an adequate air supply and the gas is burning correctly
  • the chimneys/flutes are clear and the fumes are being emitted safely out
  • all safety devices are all fully functioning

Depending on your situation, you may be able to get your Gas Safety Check for free from your gas supplier. So it is always worth checking with them first to see what they say.

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However, we offer a whole host of maintenance and service plans. We offer personalised maintenance plans depending on your commercial kitchen type. All of our engineers are up to date on their training. They’re all able to work with an extensive range of commercial equipment from many brands. We also offer 24 hour breakdown service which means we have you and your equipment covered 24/7, no matter what time you open or close.

If you’re interested, or you’d like more information on any of services we offer, get in touch with one of the team today!