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Gas Safety North West – why is it important to keep up with your gas safety checks?

You might have heard people going on about how important your gas safety North West checks are; and how important it is to have work carried out by Gas Safe engineers, which all of our engineers are! Especially during the festive period, you don’t want anything to suddenly stop working. It’s imperative to keep up with your checks!

Gas Safety North West

When it comes to getting any work done, your engineer needs to be registered with Gas Safe.¬†This is just to make sure that any work done, is done to the highest standard. It’s also illegal for someone to do any work without being on the Gas Safe Register! So it’s vital that if you have any work done on residential or commercial properties that you check the engineer has a Gas Safe ID card. However, the easy way to get around this is why using one of our engineers, then you don’t need to worry!

The safety checks are in place to make sure that all of your appliances are working efficiently and overall safely. With all appliances, these checks should be done on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realise this and sometimes go lengths without having their gas appliances checked. However, commercial premises need to make sure that they have a gas safety North West check regularly.

If you are a landlord of a commercial property, be aware that it’s your responsibility, by law, to conduct these checks annually at your property.

North West Catering Engineers

If you are a landlord or have a commercial business, why not set up a service plan with us? That way, we can take all the stress away from you and you can focus on more important things when it comes to your business.

We do also provide one-off gas safety North West services as well.

For any of our commercial engineering service, please get in contact with us and see what we can do for your business today!