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Good Ventilation will help in a bakery stay cool!

Good Ventilation will help in a bakery stay cool!

In bakeries, cafes and similar commercial food environments equipment performance is the key to your business’s success. Compared to your standard commercial restaurant kitchen, specialist equipment is needed for your bakery kitchen. For longevity you will need the correct ventilation to keep up with Bakery Equipment Maintenance.

It most certainly will go a long way to invest heavily in good quality equipment. Yet it won’t fulfil its true potential if you don’t have good ventilation in check from the start. This won’t be your typical wipe down, so contact NWCE who can provide an excellent maintenance plan.

For years now, NWCE have been lending their help to catering businesses up and down the country. As a result of this, our experience has massively helped start up kitchens and high-end kitchens alike. Best of all the NWCE bakery engineering can do the same for you, even fabrication and ventilation services too.

Need Good Ventilation in Catering Kitchens

Kitchen Engineers all agree that the installation of the equipment sets the equipment up for success. Thus, it will be a huge advantage to have a professional kitchen engineering company install your equipment.

Fortunately for you this can be fulfilled by NWCE, as each of our team are Gas Safe engineers. In addition to thorough training and experience in the industry, we ensure our engineers have the necessary safety accreditation needed. Additionally, if there are any problems in relation to this down the line our maintenance engineers will be able to solve them.

Once everything is ready raring to go in your new kitchen. It will be from here when NWCE can then turn their attention to Bakery Maintenance Services.

As a Kitchen Owner Here’s what you need to know

Above all, Regularity is the most important aspect of maintenance, and this applies to any kitchen. There is absolutely no point in having a maintenance plan if you don’t treat your equipment frequently. So, make this a priority and NWCE will return the favour, with scheduled check-ups.

In the same vein as your kitchen, you need the right maintenance equipment to maintain your kitchen. Each appliance will also have their own specialist cleaning products to deal with specific problems. However, it’s about getting timing right for instance a soapy wash on your hobs is required daily at least.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative Maintenance is our specialist maintenance services, professional check-ups by kitchen engineers. Not only are these in-depth cleaning sessions, but deal with faulty parts, oiling, and similar services.

Primarily, Preventative Maintenance is there to cut the costs for kitchen owners and keep your kitchen performing as expected. Through the use of frequent affordable check-ups throughout the year, you are saving long term. As a result of costs, as repair costs are reasonable but investing in new equipment is a lot more expensive.

A painfully simple yet effective solution will be closely following manufacturer guidelines and operation manual. From here you should have necessary knowledge to train your staff in the way most suited to a product. Just in case of a breakdown from here, we recommend having spare parts as backup. 

Ensure your Ventilation System is fully functional

Ventilation Systems are important in every kitchen and are especially important in a bakery kitchen. Not only can it be detrimental to your staff and their performance, but it may also ruin your food too.

The purpose of ventilation systems is to keep the air flow of your kitchen as consistently hygienic as possible. By effectively ventilating your kitchen you prevent build-ups and odours. This can become an unbearable work environment, as eventually you may see and smell these.

As heavily implied, it is fundamentally important to ensure that your ventilation system is fully functional. Not only do we carry out maintenance services, but we have grand knowledge of kitchen equipment. This means that we can give you the full, intricate job at the most affordable price.

Come to the best Kitchen Engineers in the business

North West Catering Engineers are the most reliable bakery maintenance company in the UK. As the name gives away, we are North West based and are constantly up and down the country servicing kitchens. Over the years and years, we have built a remarkable reputation thanks to all of our customers.

If you need bakery kitchen support, the best way to do so is by getting in touch with NWCE. By simply filling out our contact form, we will get in touch asap to begin work on your kitchen project. To fill in your contact information and enquiry simply click here.

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