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Gram was founded on 5 May 1901 when Hans Gram builds an engineering works close to where the present factory now lies. The works, known as Hans Gram Maskinfabrik, has a floor area of 115 meters squared, which also includes Hans Gram’s private home. Although it is a modest beginning, the business enjoys a favourable location close to Vojens station on the new railway line from Padborg to the then Danish-German border at Farris/Vamdrup, a location almost at the very centre of the region.

Specialised refrigeration firm
Initially, the firm functions mostly as a service and fitting business for dairies in Southern Jutland, while also trading in dairy supplies. Gradually, the firm begins to manufacture its own machines for use in dairies, including among other things refrigeration equipment. The company also enters the German market for dairy scales.

Over the years, the firm expands its operations to other industrial sectors as awareness of the benefits of mechanical refrigeration gradually spreads. Gram is thus gradually transformed from a dairy equipment manufacturer into a specialised refrigeration firm.

The post-war years give rise to major reorganisation of production 
In the wake of the First World War, tremendous upheaval is experienced in public administration and the way people lead their lives as the region is reunited with Denmark. This also gives cause for a major reorganisation of production.

It is decided to work towards the establishment of a refrigerator factory and to no longer focus on dairy equipment. It is, for example, decided that production of own compressors should be started.

In 1934, Gram builds its first ice cream freezer, the first of its kind in Denmark. And in 1945, the first continuous ice cream freezer is introduced. Over the next 25 years, the firm undergoes considerable expansion, especially abroad – only interrupted by the five years of German occupation from 1940 to 1945 – and this growth makes Gram the world leader in the production of equipment for ice cream factories.

Fast forward to now…

The 18th October 2013 is a milestone for Gram. At Host in Milan the first two models of a whole new generation of refrigerators and freezers are launched.

A major design update of the Gram Commercial professional product lines has introduced a new series of refrigerators and freezers that paves the way for new energy labelling and distances the company from its competitors when it comes to energy consumption.

This is great news for those working in professional kitchens as well as purchasers who keep an eye on their operations environmental impact.

SUPERIOR more than matches the future European wide Ecodesign project – the coming EU directive that tightens the requirements for professional refrigeration and freezer products in order to moderate energy consumption. When the ecodesign directive becomes effective on 1 July 2016, the SUPERIOR Plus will, with an energy consumption of just 310 kWh / year, rank in energy class A.