Grill, griddles and chargrills: what's the difference?
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Grill, griddles and chargrills: what’s the difference?

These three words/styles of cooking are very commonly interchanged and used within the same context. But for those in the catering know, know that they’re not the same thing and they each have a distinct different meaning. And we’re taking the time to go through all the different types of grills out there so that you know which one is which and what they’re best used for.

What is a chargrill?

A chargrill is a traditional style of grill with a heat source powered underneath. The modern types of chargrills are now powered using gas. However, the older style used coal/rocks which were heated up and held the heat. Very similar to a barbecue. These grills are the perfect to replicate that smokehouse barbecue taste.

What is a griddle?

A griddle is a thick metal surface that is warmed up, it’s most commonly used for items like burgers, or cooking breakfast items. The griddle needs to be oiled to stop the food from sticking and also needs to be scraped down consistently to stop the build up of fats, food stuff and any other debris.

What is a salamander grill?

A salamander grill places heating elements above the cooking surface. It’s similar to a oven in that you put the food onto the cooking surface and actually into the grill. These grills are mainly used to finish off meals such as steak or crisping up the topping of a dish.

Which grill works for you?

The type of grill you need all depends on your restaurant and the style of food that you’re cooking. If you are predominantly meats and fish, we would suggest a chargrill. They’re perfect for cooking proteins faster than in the oven and they can sear the surface sealing the flavour in. If you’re more of a fast food joint, a griddle would be ideal to keep up with the demand for your food as you’re able to lay out a lot of food and cook it quickly.

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