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Hoshizaki Ice Makers | NWCE

Placing reliability, durability and energy efficiency at the centre of our design process, generations of Hoshizaki engineers have helped us build an international reputation for high quality, well-designed products.

And by merging with refrigeration specialist Gram Commercial, they have brought together the brilliance of Japanese engineering and the intelligence of Danish design. That collaboration has created the world’s most connected, innovative and responsible manufacturer of cold solutions.

Together, they continue to explore the realms of possibility.

Hoshizaki ice makers are designed with hygiene as a priority. Each ice cycle is made with fresh water, ensuring only the highest quality of ice. Its recognized for its precise shape, clarity and slow dilution.

Their refrigeration units are engineered to perform in demanding environments, giving you peace of mind. With a smart interior and exterior design, the cabinets and counters offer quality cooling for your fresh produce.

Hoshizaki is committed to providing an outstanding level of reliability and performance. With a wide selection of HACCP certified products, they ensure well manufactured equipment that is hygienically safe within food and beverage environments.