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How to avoid catering equipment down time

Having catering equipment down in a commercial kitchen is any chef’s worst nightmare. However, one thing that many people don’t realise is the cost associated with this breakdown!

At NWCE Foodservice Equipment we are always innovating and trying to find ways to help keep our customers operations as profitable as possible.  We’ve carried out a survey with one of our customers who has a chip based menu to prove that a catering equipment maintenance contract is worth while.

Does your catering equipment need a maintenance plan? 

Lets do the maths!

We have a faulty commercial deep fat fryer and the commercial fryer has a 29kg per hour output. So at this customers eatery the average price for a portion of chips is £3.50 and on the meal plate the average serving is around 280 grams. The commercial fryer has 29kg hourly output, divided by 280 grams is 103 portions of chips per hour! You’ve got to admit that’s a huge amount of chips to serve every hour. To work out how much you’re losing over that one single hour you need to times 103 portions of chips by £3.50, which is £362.50. So that means that this customer could have a total maximum loss of £362.50 per hour! 

Can you imagine the total loss production for a full weekend?

That’s why at here at NWCE we offer lots of different options to avoid any down time. Both in your commercial kitchen and from your catering equipment. So if you’re looking for a maintenance contracts or even just some emergency loan equipment we can help keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly.

Come rain or shine or what feels like a hurricane, you can rely on us for support!

Our foodservice  job list – 

This weekend’s emergency installations of catering and refrigeration equipment in Glasgow, Carlisle, Lancaster, Blackburn, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, York and Birmingham include – 
  • Two hood type dishwashers 
  • Rational oven
  • Two commercial fryers 
  • Chargrill
  • Pizza prep fridge 
  • Two ice machines
  • Glass washer
If you think any of our services could be of use in your foodservice environment, then please get in touch on 01617648688 or email