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How to Organise Your Commercial Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

Organizing your Commercial Kitchen is a lot harder than you would expect, even if you are an established kitchen owner. Despite the many factors, this will ultimately come down to how functional your layout is. Certainly made harder with how hard effective Commercial Kitchen Installation services are to find.

This is without considering different appliances, different areas for each equipment, storage and kitchen efficiency methods. In short, there may be a lot more layers than you originally expected. As a result, NWCE are here today to teach you how to organise your Commercial Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps.

Bolton based NWCE are here to give you much needed support with your commercial kitchen plan. Many Kitchen Owners don’t realise that this is what sets their kitchen up for success. We have many engineering services and commercial kitchen installation services available for UK mainland customers.

1. Nail Kitchen Zoning

Kitchen Zoning is unbelievably important, as you designate areas for different kitchen equipment. The importance of this is to bring as much coordination as possible to a hectic setting. NWCE’s Commercial Kitchen Design UK services will certainly cover this to control traffic seamlessly.

The most common means of this is The Work Triangle. This refers to having the refrigeration, cooker area and washing area laid out in a triangle layout. With NWCE covering the commercial kitchen installation, this will already be established in planning.

There is no real way of doing this; it is entirely up to you when planning commercial kitchen design & installation.

2. The Storage Problem

Many Commercial Kitchens overcompensate when it comes to storage, not taking into account how quick a kitchen empties. Unless it’s dry food, there is no need to have so many different cabinets for pots, pans and dishes.

Instead use Shelving and Racks around the kitchen, as you can much easily navigate your equipment. This is a much better means of storage, due to accessibility and much more appropriate spacing. As a result, this could mean more kitchen appliances

3. Small Appliances: Useful or Filling Space?

Small Appliances need to be considered carefully, as they do take up important surface space in your kitchen. For instance if you have a Blender and only using it for the odd sauce or two, then it may not be worth having. Despite this seeming harsh, the more space and more organization the better.

Instead look to get as many different functions out of these small appliances, rather than an odd one.  This is due to organization and cohesion being more important than the odd nuance added. As a result, in the same vein you streamline appliances you can also streamline the amount of appliances.

4. The First in, First Out Method

Commercial Refrigeration is best managed using the First in, First out Method (FIFO). This refers to using the first bought food first, rather than working around expiry dates. As a result of this, you prevent more waste and more importantly prevent any build-ups.

This requires quite a bit of management but it’s not hard to implement this system. All you need to make sure of is that the new supplies are placed at the back of the refrigerator.   

5. Labelling is Organisation

By far the simplest step on this list, labelling is certainly a huge convenience in every department. Firstly, it is important for keeping track of when supplies were bought and expire. In addition to labelling the different bins for different food waste.

Similarly, clearly establishing each area is very important. In some cases this can be done by labelling what’s within storage for example. Or just a clear indication of which zone is which, will certainly be useful during busy hours.

Commercial Kitchen Installation at NWCE

NWCE are able to carry out the most cost effective commercial kitchen design & installation services. This certainly covers everything from your commercial kitchen plan up until the actual commercial kitchen installation. Even honing in on intricacies like kitchen zoning, to maximise output and minimise stress.

Other services we cover are fabrication and ventilation services to mould your ideal kitchen. Fabrication will allow your kitchen to be geared towards your specific needs, for instance dimensions and size. Ventilation Systems will be the essential way of venting air in and out of your kitchen for hygiene.

North West Catering Engineers can be contacted by simply clicking here. By filling out the contact form you can tell us your enquiry and we will get in touch. As a result, you can get your kitchen project underway as soon as possible.

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