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How to reduce Noise clutter in a Commercial Kitchen?

When it comes to planning out your commercial kitchen design, intricately planning the Layout will be priority. Whilst this is excellent for maximising convenience and productivity amongst kitchen staff there is external factors. Not just Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance, but important factors like Noise Clutter in your restaurant.

By Noise Clutter, this is in reference to the noise which can be heard from the kitchen. This is relating to a customer’s dining experience and the natural reputation your establishment has in the immediate vicinity. Essentially excessive noise may quickly turn potential customers against your kitchen, so preserve your business’s reputation.

Fortunately for you, NWCE work up and down the UK mainland for Restaurant Kitchen Design and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance. Our commercial kitchen fitters will be able to design a kitchen around all your needs and specifications. Not to mention how we have the knowledge and eye for detail to deal with things like Noise Clutter.

How to reduce Noise Clutter with your Commercial Kitchen Design

A Commercial Kitchen Designer will be able to plan a kitchen with all ethical considerations taken into account. For instance a dishwashing station may not be best located behind a wall where customers are dining. Thankfully these can seem quite obvious, but the rise of open kitchens makes this so important.

Although cooker hoods and vents will be hard to relocate after installation, you can rearrange freestanding kitchen equipment. The National Restaurant Association have plenty of professional advice for new kitchen owners, in relation to Noise Clutter. An example is that Ice Machines should have a roof-mounted condenser in your commercial kitchen.

When it comes to the Kitchen Equipment itself, Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance is just as important. Every commercial kitchen designer will tell you this because by keeping filters and condensers clean, the equipment won’t be as noisy. Commercial Kitchen Maintenance UK is one of the most popular services provided by NWCE.

Also, you can learn about Commercial kitchen design guidelines

What reflects sound in a Restaurant Kitchen Design?

Believe it or not, Windows and Mirrors are the number one surface to reflect sound within a kitchen. Sound will definitely be amplified by materials like glass, massively increasing the noise clutter.

There are quite a few options, starting as simple as curtains and blinds to different soundproof covers. This will essentially prevent sound from bouncing from one surface to another above all else. In short, this is the most straightforward way of tackling noise clutter issues with glass.

Another solution to Noise Clutter is by installing Sound Absorbers which aim to actually completely dampen the sound. These can be installed on ceiling tiles or alongside insulation, so won’t interrupt your current set-up. Doors from the dining area to the kitchen are certainly well worth installing too.

Softening the Surfaces is a Great Idea for reducing Noise Clutter

As a general rule of thumb, the harder the surface the more likely noise will reflect off of it. So figuring out how to soften surfaces in a seamless manner, the best approach often being visually aesthetic.

The whole point is to prevent the reflection of sound, so as mentioned it is best to do this in a productive way. Above all else, dining table cloths and soundproof/ acoustic flooring are the most popular ways of doing this. This is because it makes it a lot more multi-functional, not to mention the appearance of them too.

A side note is that there are many advantages, in terms of commercial kitchen maintenance and cleaning which make this worth it.  This includes just how much easier it is to clean, as opposed to worrying about scratches and surface stains. In addition to, how softer surfaces tend to hold less bacteria compared to your typical kitchen surface. 

NWCE: Commercial Kitchen Fitters UK

North West Catering Engineers are a team of commercial kitchen fitters who can improve every area of your kitchen. We are best known for commercial kitchen maintenance UK, specialising in ventilation, cleaning and maintenance. In fact, NWCE work around the clock and so are always ready for emergency callouts.

Not only can we plan and design a brand-new kitchen, but we can certainly update the old. We can repair and replace the faulty kitchen equipment and bring in new commercial kitchen appliances. At NWCE, we aim to install equipment which will instantly give your kitchen the advantage.

To get your new kitchen project underway as soon as possible, get in touch. By filling out our contact form, you can provide us with our contact information and the enquiry. We can then get back in touch and discuss beginning this new project.

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