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Infrico Spain

Infrico started its operations in 1986 in Lucena, Cordoba Spain. Always having the vision of becoming a World Class player in the international arena, Infrico is an ISO-9001 certified company with the largest growth in production capacity, in its field, that currently has its facilities within almost 1,000,000.00 Sq Ft and an installed capacity of 300, 000units per year. With the objective of offering the best ptions in Food Service refrigeration Equipment, for the national as well as the international market, Infrico has prepared itself, and continues doing so every day, with a complete product line such as Reach Ins, Undercounters, Counter tops, Merchandisers, Prep Tables, Sushi cases, Deli cases, Pastry cases, Gelato cases, and Air curtains. All of our models are ETL & ETL Sanitation certified.

This is strongly supported with qualified labor and an excellent team of engineers and technicians, daily trained for equipment design, development, and manufacturing. Through this we seek to gain customer loyalty, maintain market leadership and deliver profitable and sustainable growth by implementing an integrated solution such as our own door manufacturing, shelf production, printing solutions, maintenance service, metal & steel assembly, and lab test results. To ensure the efficient running of our facility, we implemented robust management systems, which are responsive to changing any needs and requirements of our customers.

Infrico USA

Infrico USA was founded on June 24th 1986, by a few professionals of the refrigeration industry. At its early stage, Infrico was established on a total surface of 4300 ft2. 9 employees were hired to run the operation at that moment…

In 1991, Infrico acquires its own facilities located in the main industrial sector of Los Santos (Lucena) on a total area of 60,000 ft2.

In 1994, 63 employees were working in the factory.

Finally, in 2001, the management decided to purchase a total land of 1,000,000 ft2 where Infrico would later build its brand new state of the art production facility, located on highway CO-762 in the heart of the growing industrial sector of Las Navas – Los Piedros. This operation currently serves our global customers and is expected to expand very rapidly over the next years.

Over 300 employees are now integrated to the company.