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Investing in Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Investing in Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Investing in Commercial Refrigeration Equipment can be an absolute luxury. Purchasing high-end appliances, as well as additional Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Service, can make drastic improvements to your kitchen. However, a poor installation service and a lack of maintenance can drastically change this.

This is NWCE come in! A successful Bolton-based Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Company, which will solve any of your Commercial Refrigeration Installation worries. And, additionally, offer you an excellent aftercare plan to keep your expensive kitchen equipment giving you the highest performance level.

Customers and Workers alike will enjoy many advantages to you investing in top-of-the-range Commercial Refrigeration Equipment. First and foremost, the priority will be to keep your food supplies in the best condition possible, which won’t be a worry with NWCE. However, caring for kitchen staff is just as important as caring for customers.

A clean, organised working environment will definitely help get the most of the chefs, being evident in your food and success. The Maintenance of Commercial Refrigeration Systems is important, it is vital to keep your refrigeration systems clean. Preventing any build-up of excess and odours, and will make for a more enjoyable environment.



It can be difficult to find your ideal product, even hard to identify what kind of refrigeration equipment, which is ideal for your kitchen. The in-house team are always available to discuss your ideas and plan for your commercial kitchen, so we can see where we can help, guiding you in the right direction.

Both for display and storage, NWCE of course have much different refrigeration equipment. Covering freezers, refrigerators and everything in between, chest freezers, display freezers, walk-in chillers and much more!

The Bolton Showroom has a vast array of different Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, supplying the biggest brands. Having a team, with an in-depth knowledge of different products and models, able to suggest the ideal appliance for your kitchen.

After you have selected the ideal fit for your commercial kitchen, the NWCE Commercial Refrigeration Installation team will be able to guarantee that your brand-new addition to your kitchen is there to last. Having expert knowledge on each product, we are able to provide you with a suitable aftercare plan. This will help keep your appliances running at its highest performance level for much longer, preventing any breakdowns and errors.

The Maintenance of Commercial Refrigeration Systems is the most important factor for any refrigeration appliances and being a commercial kitchen company. It is undeniably vital that your food is kept in pristine condition to maintain your kitchen’s high-standards and most notably your reputation.

The maintenance and repair team will identify the Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Service, needed to breathe new life into your equipment. NWCE provide a high-quality service at the most reasonable price.


Having a regular maintenance plan in place is important as you’re taking care of your refrigeration equipment on a regular basis. And hopefully this can help prevent any unnecessary refrigeration equipment breakdowns or issues. If you think your kitchen could benefit from a service and maintenance plan then please get in contact with one of our team today.

NWCE are specialists in Refrigeration Equipment Service and Repairs, so you are in the best hands possible for any maintenance. Taking out a refrigeration system maintenance and service plan with us means you are covered 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

We create service plans that work for your business. Each and every one of our plans has developed with your business in mind. Helping cut downtime and keep your business running smoothly

All of the brands we supply are known for their reliable and well-functioning products. Paired with our Commercial Installation Services, thus making for a long lasting kitchen. With the help of our installation team, we can guarantee that your commercial kitchen will be the reason for your business turning bigger profits.

For any breakdowns, our repair team will be able to inspect your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment as soon as possible. Having many years of training and experience, our refrigeration engineers work with our products on a day to day basis. NWCE will know the exact issue along with the exact solution too.

Our engineers have years of experience and they are able to deal with an extensive range of refrigeration branded equipment. If you’d like to see what brands and commercial equipment we can deal, you can read our list of manufacturers here.


As well as Refrigeration, NWCE supply and install bakery, catering and ventilation products and services across the UK. NWCE being the ideal place to improve your kitchen. In terms of bakery, we are known for our range of mixers and ovens, ideal for pastries, pies and sweet treats alike.

Being North West Catering Engineers, our Catering team know how to improve any commercial catering kitchen.

Through our maintenance and installation services and our catering range, which is second to none. Keeping your kitchen as the safe, healthy environment, the ventilation team will do the dirty work. Preventing any excess and odours from threatening your beloved kitchen.

We are based in Bolton in the North West however we send our engineers across the whole of the UK. We have a list of the areas we cover here. At NWCE Food Service Equipment, we carry out maintenance, services and repairs on a range of commercial refrigeration systems.

Our engineers are fully trained, and offer maintenance plans to keep your refrigeration equipment working to its highest capabilities.

We are proud to offer bespoke maintenance plans, which we create around your business and your equipment. These plans include a prompt and efficient service 24 hours a day as well as a comprehensive amount of stock kept on site. This means no delays on repairing any of your equipment, thus ensuring the immediate Maintenance of Commercial Refrigeration Systems.

If you are looking for new and improved Commercial Refrigeration Equipment. NWCE are the company for you!

Get in contact with our team here, for all the help with planning, installation and aftercare.


Investing in Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

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