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Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

The luxury of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment can aid in the optimisation of any commercial food setting. However, when it comes to purchasing high-end appliances, as well as additional Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Services, poor installation service and a lack of maintenance can drastically change this.

When faced with the chance to enhance your workspace, it’s important to know how you’ll maintain your purchase. There are many ways of Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment.

With service and repair for commercial refrigeration equipment available as well as actions and procedures. You can follow yourselves, maintaining your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment can be a piece of cake.

Commercial refrigerator equipment maintenance 24/7

When it comes to enriching your food storage, it doesn’t always come cheap. Most of the time these excellent pieces of equipment need to run day and night. Therefore, having a service plan that works for your business is vital!

A plan that has been developed with your business in mind, to help cut downtime and keep your business running smoothly, is of the utmost importance.

Consequently, a plan that covers your commercial refrigerator equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will ensure problems can be resolved at any time or better yet prevent any unnecessary breakdowns or issues.

Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Malfunctioning equipment can not only be an inconvenience but can also be detrimental to your business. Loss of product can put you at a loss. As well as unmaintained equipment no longer being able to function to serve its purpose.

Carrying out a commercial refrigerator repair as and when needed can prolong your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment tenfold! Ignoring the need for repairs can lead to breakdowns and unlike a domestic fridge, a new piece of refrigeration equipment will most definitely tower over the cost of a repair.

Finding a service and maintenance company that also has a comprehensive amount of stock kept on site will benefit you massively. This means no delays in repairing any of your equipment. Allowing you to work at capacity and ensure food safety constantly.

Refrigeration system maintenance you can carry out yourself

Carrying out preventative measures yourself also aids in refrigeration system maintenance. A routine set and carried out by you can keep your equipment working at its full capacity and ensure safety at the same time. Applying a little TLC provided regularly by you and planned services is the best way to take proper care of your equipment!

Clean the exterior and interior

Even though there is a range of commercial refrigeration equipment to choose from, one thing stays the same. Regular cleaning should always take place!

Upkeeping the cleanliness of your unit with the proper cleaning solutions and materials not only prevents the breeding of germs and bacteria. But helps prolong the life span of your commercial refrigeration equipment.

A quick clean carried is often easy to do and can only benefit you. Use a soft cloth or brush to slowly scrub the shelves, drain pans, tubes, and surfaces with a detergent-based or vinegar solution. Even better, the removal of draws and shelves and allowing them to soak before reinstallation will sure each nook and cranny is clean and pristine.

Look out for mould and bacteria build-up

It’s not just the invisible grime you need to keep an eye out for. Due to moisture in the air, fridges can become an ideal breeding ground for harmful microbiological pathogens. By cleaning the interior and exterior components the potential for mould build-up can be minimalised.

Ensuring cleaning is not neglected is massively important. commercial refrigerators can cause contamination on any stored food due to mould and bacteria. Improper cleaning could potentially violate some health codes. Not only is it dangerous, but it can also deter custom from your business!

Adhering to the capacity of your refrigeration systems

When the designing of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment systems is carried out, each model is made to hold a certain amount of product. Regardless of which system you choose to invest in, it’s important to know its limits and avoid overloading.

When you use a refrigeration system to its full capacity you are of putting more strain on the motor and condenser coil. This could cause serious damage and shorten the equipment lifespan and increase energy costs.

Keep it dry

Moisture within your unit can cause a refrigerator to freeze up over time. This will usually result in an early breakdown.

Keeping on top of spills and excess water as well as checking the shelves and condenser coil regularly can evade premature breakdowns and repairs.

Service, repair, and breakdown cover in the UK

Here at NWCE Foodservice Equipment, our engineers have years of experience. And are able to deal with an extensive range of refrigeration equipment belonging to different brands. This also means we have an excellent understanding of how to maintain and repair.

Based in Bolton in the Northwest, we send our engineers across the whole of the Northwest and even cover a majority of the midlands. As we offer maintenance plans to keep your refrigeration equipment working to its highest capabilities. We can ensure a prompt and efficient service 24 hours a day.

Contact us here to find a maintenance plan that’s perfect for you.





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