Why maintenance is important for your commercial refrigeration systems
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Why maintenance is so important for your commercial refrigeration system

Why maintenance is so important for your commercial refrigeration systems

Maintenance is key when it comes to catering and foodservice equipment, no matter how big or small it may be. But you might be wondering why it's so important to keep your equipment, especially your commercial refrigeration system. Well, if you're looking to increase productivity, efficiency and lifespan, then you will need to keep up with the maintenance of your systems. 

Regular maintenance also helps to reduce any premature system failures as well as any costly repairs. It can also avoid any unnecessary down time as you’re more likely to avoid any breakdowns during a busy service. 

Routine Maintenance Plans

So how can you make sure that your commercial refrigeration systems are being correctly looked after and maintained? 

Having a routine maintenance or service plan in place is key when it comes to making sure your refrigeration system is working the best it possibly can be. You might be thinking that a maintenance plan just checks over the internal workings of your commercial refrigeration system, but it’s a lot more than that. Your refrigeration system is constantly running and constantly working hard in order to keep your stock chilled and usable. It may be one of the only parts of your kitchen that doesn’t ever turn off, so just imagine how much power is going through each and every part constantly. 

When your refrigeration system is being checked over by a commercial catering engineer, they are able to look at every major component in the system to make sure it’s working as efficiently as possible. These engineers have years of experiences which allows them to pick up on any up and coming issues before they even happen. This means they’re able to replace worn parts before they become a problem. If these worn parts aren’t replaced in time, they can cause a system failure. And if this failure happens during a service or a busy period then that can cause a massive backlash and could even close your kitchen down completely. 

Not only can the engineers replace any older parts, they can also clean the internal workings and the areas that you can’t reach. Regular deep cleaning helps to reduce any risk of contamination and can actually reduce excess wear as well.

Many refrigeration systems also work with different gases in order to drop to incredibly low temperatures, and if these gases aren’t kept correctly, they can leak out and be incredibly dangerous for the rest of your kitchen team. The engineers should all be fully trained and be able to make sure that your refrigeration systems are running as safely as possible. 

It’s important to make sure that you use a commercial catering and foodservice engineering company that is completely qualified to carry out these maintenance visits. NWCE Foodservice Equipment are a commercial catering company who have incredibly experienced catering engineers. Their engineers travel across the majority of England, working in a range of commercial environments including restaurants, bakeries, cafes, college and school kitchens and food vans just to name a few. Their engineers are full trained and they are all Gas Safe registered and F-Gas certified which makes them fully qualified to work with commercial refrigeration systems. 

As a company they pride themselves on creating bespoke service and maintenance plans. Every single kitchen is different, so how can it be fair to have one maintenance plan that covers all the different kinds of commercial refrigeration systems that are out there? 

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance 

During your routine maintenance appointment, your engineer will tick off three main tasks. They will start off with thoroughly checking over all the parts of your refrigeration system. They will check for any signs or wear and tear, any parts that aren’t running as they should be and just for anything that looks out of the ordinary, that could have a negative effect on your refrigeration system. 

 They will then record any test results and observations and compare them to past maintenance visits to see if there has been any issues, any changes in effectiveness, any health and safety issues etc. If you don’t have any issues with your commercial refrigeration system then that is your maintenance check over and done with until the next time.

However, if some issues have picked up on, your commercial catering engineer should then sit down with you to work out a plan in which to best tackle the problems that have been picked on up. Some smaller issues may be able to get sorted on the day of the maintenance check. Many engineers, including the team at NWCE have an impressive inventory in their vans. Which means they will be able to deal with some of these more common issues right then and there. 

Correcting these smaller issues on the day of your refrigeration check can in turn save a bigger issue from happening in the future. 

bespoke commercial refrigeration maintenance plan Positives 

If you’re still unsure of why your refrigeration system needs a maintenance plan, then we’re going to sum it up in two simple points. 

It will help to extend the life of your refrigeration system overall. It means all the internal parts are kept up to date and the wear and tear won’t have an effect on the system’s life span. 

In the long term it will help save you money. Although you may feel like your spending money on the maintenance plans, the upkeep will save you money in the long run. If you have an unexpected refrigeration equipment breakdown, especially during out of hours, that can really hit you deep in the pocket. Now imagine that happens once a year with each of your different kitchen appliances, and you can see where the money really starts to stack up. If you have a maintenance plan that covers your entire kitchen, not just your refrigeration system, then you are covering yourself on all bases. 

Overall, we hope this article has helped awaken you to all the positives that come with having  a maintenance plan for not only your refrigeration system, but your whole kitchen as well. If you’d like some more information on the different kinds of maintenance plans out there or Commercial Refrigeration Installation, get in touch with NWCE Foodservice Equipment to see what services they can offer you.