Marquee, gazebo and pop up lpg gas rig, pipework and bottle storage.

Marquee, gazebo and pop up lpg gas rig, pipework and bottle storage.

Here at, we've come up with a bright idea. That being a gas rig set-up for street food traders or event caterers.Its durable, Easy the assemble/take down and foremost the safest rig on the market.

This rig is designed by lpg gas safe registered engineers with years of experience in the mobile catering sector from bespoke bottle storage right down to the isolation valves. All parts that are used are to a (bs en) standard and the rig fits all current gas safety regulations,criteria and mobile catering guidelines.

After testing our first rig with a customer after showing him once how to set up and take down we let him have a go………. 5 minutes set up……..4  minutes take down!! you better believe it that quick!!

All rigs are bespoke with a number of factors taken onboard. We give you full set up instructions and a setup DVD especially for your rig and if you pick your rig up we will walk you through it. Believe me, though it's not hard to do. Our engineers have designed this rig with you in mind. You will be surprised at how easy this rig is to set up.

If you would like any more info then please contact us on 01617648688 or email

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