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Meiko Commercial Dishwashers | NWCE

Meiko is a global company that focuses on ware washing, cleaning and disinfection technology. They are established in 30 different countries all around the world, including Hong Kong, Austria and Turkey. They have over 2,000 employees. They all play a key role when it comes to shaping the market developments for professional ware washing systems, food wastage disposal and washer-disinfectors.

The company started out around 90 years ago, and since then they operate across the globe, guaranteeing clean solutions to all of their customers.

Meiko is a very individual company when it comes to their way of thinking. They have adopted a ‘Living at the Fountain’ philosophy. They want to create a place for different cultures and different people to come together to develop ideas for making the world into a more hygienic and cleaner place. It is their ‘message about vitality and humanity, creativity and environmental awareness.’ It is clear that Meiko is very focused when it comes to creating products that are there to benefit their customers, clients and the world.