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Over 60 years of product experience and culinary expertise drive Merrychef’s innovative, award-winning technology. We have been creating pioneering products ever since the 1950s – from the world’s first commercial microwave oven to our latest high-speed oven: the new eikon® e2s.

At the core of the Merrychef brand is our customer promise: to put a smile on our partners’ faces. We do this by listening to you, our customers, caring about what you think and doing our best to meet your needs.

We go the extra mile to optimise the speed, quality, flexibility and operational costs for your businesses by providing state-of-the-art products and services regardless of your staff’s skill levels.

From small coffee shops to global chains, from fast casual to fine dining, Merrychef is the first choice for high-speed ovens: delivering fresh, hot food on demand.

Our ultimate goal? To help you, our customers deliver, on your promise.

Fresh Ideas. Flexible Ovens.

We are much more than a producer of high-speed ovens

What do we mean when we talk about Merrychef as a brand? We mean the uniqueness of our company, which distinguishes us from other brands and anchors us in the mind of our target group.

Merrychef offers three main customer benefits: we lead, we create and we support in everything we do.
As a result, Merrychef has an unmistakable and emotional brand core: we put a smile on our partners’ faces.

Our three main customer benefits and our brand core form – in combination with twelve characteristics – from our Merrychef brand identity.

Every single employee is an ambassador for this brand identity. The more consistently we live up to it, the more successful we will be.

Our three main customer benefits: What exactly do we promise?

Strictly speaking, our brand doesn’t belong to us, but to our customers. A brand is a promise. It raises expectations which the company must meet if it doesn’t want to lose the contact of its target groups.

For our customers, we are their leading, creative and supportive global partner who genuinely cares about meeting their needs.

Our three main customer benefits are our value proposition. They generate added value for our customers and distinguish us clearly from the competition.

Let’s stand by them. Every day. Everywhere.