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Mobile Catering

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Mobile Catering

Mobile Catering

Mobile Catering Equipment

NWCE provide both partial and total mobile catering refurbishments and refits, from standard to bespoke designs, including vans and trailers. Mobile Catering will always be effective because you are in complete control, the location will always be ideal as you can choose the most appropriate setting. This mode of catering requires a lot of different Mobile Kitchen Equipment and customers will be hoping that they are of the quality which matches. Bolton based NWCE can ensure that your Mobile Kitchen is to the highest standard, in terms of a professional installation to get the job done right, having the most effective appliances possible and to ensure your kitchen is your ideal, no matter the budget.


As well as being dedicated to matching your vision, NWCE are here to advise you on which catering equipment will best suit your business for you to get the most out of your Commercial Catering experience.

North West Catering Engineers can offer the following services:

  • LPG Installation (Pipework, Appliances and Storage Bottles).
  • Catering Equipment and Gas Pipework Repairs (24 hrs).
  • Maintenance and Servicing.
  • Testing and Gas Certificate.
  • Design, Equipment Supply, and Full Kitchen Installation or Single Appliance Installation.

At North West Catering Engineers, we have the engineers available for all your LPG gas needs concerning mobile catering trailers.

Whether it’s LPG pipe work, LPG storage solutions, mobile catering equipment, cookers, stoves, boilers, fires, warm air heaters, water heaters, fridges, heating systems or any type of LPG fired gas appliances. The engineering team here at NWCE will help you carry out all varieties of work in a safe and legal manner and provide certification upon completion of works. Also, as all our engineers are catering engineers by trade, North West Catering Engineers can offer full 24-hour repairs for all your catering equipment.

Annual Gas Inspections are required by law for all commercial premises, including mobile catering vans, trailers, and street traders. North West Catering Engineers, based in Greater Manchester, can provide Gas Safety Inspections and recognised LPG Gas Certificates for Catering establishments throughout the North West and parts of Yorkshire. On top of this, our engineering and installations team have a wealth of experience in the public events sector (festivals, food markets, street food events) and will be able to work around different expectations as well as restrictions.

All of our refurbishments and refits come with LPG gas safety certificates and electrical safety certification, with work carried out by qualified experts, so you can be sure your business ticks all the rules and regulations when it comes to gas and electrical safety. Here at NWCE, our team have helped hundreds of mobile catering businesses to get on the road, so why not let us do the same for you?

To discover what we could do for your business, call us on 01617648688 or email us at NWCE are available 24 hours a day for any information or breakdown services.