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Northern Powerhouse Kitchen Bookings

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Our Northern Powerhouse Kitchen will be available to use for all of our catering and foodservice colleagues! The kitchen contains high quality catering equipment from well known brands including Rational and Blue Seal, and for all intents and purposes will work like a kitchen you find in restaurants, hotels, schools and cafes. We took the time to create a developmental kitchen that feels like a home from home for many chefs and kitchen managers. 

Our development kitchen has a totally interchangeable set up where as we can swap out many appliances at a moments notice and put in place appliances that you, the client needs. The only part of the kitchen that is a permanent fixture is the ventilation which was provided by Inox Fabrications. Currently our kitchen set up contains a Vario cooking centre with pressure facility and scc101e combination oven both provided by Rational. An Evolution chargrill, griddle, 6 burner range and salamander from Blue Seal, a 3 door preparation fridge and chef base meat draw from Fosters, another 3 door prep fridge this time from Prodis. Not to mention we also have an Inowash hood type dishwasher and our very own hot cupboard and portable, walk in chiller/freezer. 

Why did we decide to create this kitchen? 

Here at NWCE Foodservice Equipment, we have been thinking about creating a kitchen for a while. We wanted to create something that could be used by members of our community, and as we’re catering and foodservice engineers, what better than a high spec kitchen and conference centre in our very own head office? The entire kitchen has been created and fitted by our very own engineers, which means you’re able to come down and see the work we carry out first hand. 

What can the kitchen be used for? 

We don’t want this to be seen as ‘our’ kitchen, we have created this kitchen to be your kitchen, to be used for whatever you see fit. So if you work in a restaurant and don’t want to close your own kitchen for menu development or if you’re a manufacturer and need some space for independent training, then this is for you! The conference and meeting rooms on the mezzanine floor above have been created as both a work space and somewhere to relax and let ideas flow and bounce. 

The kitchen also has future plans to be used for a range of charitable events, so keep your eyes peeled for more information about that. 

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