NWCE are proud to support Hospitality Action | Charitable Donation
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NWCE are proud to support Hospitality Action!

Many people will remember 2020 as the year the world stopped. Or as the year they were forced to shut or as the year we all had to stay indoors and stay home. 2020 will be remembered with negative connotations for many. But for all of us here at NWCE Foodservice Equipment, that is not how we are going to remember this year. We are going to remember 2020 as the year the entire catering and foodservice industry pulled together in people’s time of need. Also, as the year we were able to grow our business. Whilst also providing support for as many commercial kitchens and bars as we can. And that is why we are proud to announce that we’re also supporting Hospitality Action. 

Who is Hospitality Action and what do they do? 

Hospitality Action provides financial relief to alleviate poverty for people who work or have worked in UK hospitality. They offer amazing services which include counselling and advice. As well as signposting to people facing mental health challenges or dealing with illness, bereavement, debt or addiction. They also run a successful outreach programme to keep loneliness at bay for hospitality retirees.

When the year’s first lockdown began in March, Hospitality Action helped many thousands of hospitality households in financial crisis. Just as in March, today millions of hospitality workers can’t go to work. Many thousands have lost their jobs for good. Throughout the last eight months Hospitality Action have worked tirelessly to help as many people as possible. They’ve done this by providing emergency grants to keep food on the table. As well as assisting vulnerable industry retirees access local support. And by providing mental health resources for those who have struggled during the crisis.

How can we help?

We have decided to support this cause by setting up a donation scheme with them. All of the money that we receive from the scrap metal that is left after breaking down commercial kitchens and kitchen removals will be donated straight to this amazing cause! 

Ben Odling, our Managing Director said: “I wanted to get in touch and support Hospitality Action after hearing about all the great work they do. I feel like the whole of NWCE has the same ethos and belief behind it as this amazing charity. We’re all proud to be able to do what we can, knowing that our donations are going to such a worthy cause, With many business’s forced to close and also many jobs either put at risk or lost within the hospitality sector. I understand this is putting the very same people we love to work with at risk. At risk of poverty, loosing their homes and not being able to support their families. We sincerely hope the donations we make will help alleviate and difficulties they may face. After all we truly believe we are in this together!”

Giuliana Vittiglio, who is the Fundraising and Marketing Manager at Hospitality Action said: “Hospitality Action has provided a safety net for the people who work in your favourite restaurants, pubs, hotels and cafes for over 180 years. Since the pandemic struck we’ve helped countless families put food on the table, pay their bills and care for their children. With tight lockdown rules in place we’re currently experiencing a surge in demand for our support. This why we’re especially grateful to NWCE for reaching out to lend a hand. With Christmas around the corner it’s important for us all to stick together and make a positive impact.”