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NWCE – Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

NWCE – Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

When working with your kitchen it is always best for you to leave any major services for the professionals, especially if its kitchen ventilation and extraction. This is where NWCE come in; our maintenance team can help you clean out your Commercial Extractor Fan, ensuring a deep clean at a reasonable price, as well as recommendations and suggestions for aftercare and maintenance plans. Being the lead team of North West Catering Engineers, NWCE can clean any Commercial Extractor Fan, no matter how big, small, clean or dirty,  our team, who have years upon years of experience in kitchen ventilation and extraction.

It is important that the Commercial Extractor Fans in a commercial kitchen are clean and well-functioning. A Commercial Extractor Fan which is dirty, has excess trapped in it, has odours or the entire aforementioned, can create an unhygienic working environment. For the betterment of your kitchen staff, the NWCE maintenance team can work with a range of ventilation equipment, like fans, fan speed controller and gas safety equipment, with our maintenance team never compromising on health and safety.

Cleaning a Commercial Extractor Fan is so crucial, for these very reasons:

Improving Air Quality will be the most important advantage, as looking after your staff will lead to an improvement in food quality and productivity, with the same applying for odour control, creating a much safer working environment, ensuring you meet legal requirements too. The NWCE maintenance team will be able to save you money in the long term too, as you will be able to save plenty on energy bills, as you won’t be wasting energy due to a build-up of grease and excess.

Bolton based NWCE will be able to clean a Commercial Extractor Fan in even the very worst of conditions, being able to make your commercial kitchen a lot more comforting environment for your commercial kitchen team!

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