NWCE Post Covid 19 Hospitality Confidence Survey
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NWCE Post Covid 19 Hospitality Confidence Survey

NWCE Food Service Equipment have been supporting the NHS and other critical infrastructure throughout the lockdown, and as guidelines are slowly starting to relax we are now looking towards ways we can help the Hospitality industry in what is likely to be a slow and cautious move back to normality.

We have already published numerous guidelines on how to safely re open commercial kitchens and are always on hand to support this process. However, we felt it would also be of great use to our customers in trying to get a greater understanding of how the general public feel about returning to their pre Covid 19 socialising in restaurants, pubs, hotels and various other hospitality venues.

NWCE’s Managing Director, Ben Odling said “ We have always tried to be as innovative as possible in supporting our customers and particularly during this pandemic it has become quite obvious that throughout the hospitality industry there is a strong feeling of “we are all in this together”.

 This survey I think will not only help the hospitality industry from Restaurant and bar owners, but also suppliers and contractors like my company who supply and repair equipment. I am also genuinely fascinated to see peoples current feeling towards using various establishments in the future.

I will also be sharing the data with industry partners and members who I feel would benefit from it, as this may help business’s forecast for their future.

Please note I will not be sharing any personal data with any entity whatsoever, just the data on the questions answered”.

The survey was completed by 500 participants and includes gauging favoured establishments prior to the pandemic and how individual views may have changed towards visiting these as restrictions are lifted. It also encouraged views on what would make people feel more confident and safe to return to their preferred venues.

Ben added “ The main objectives of the survey were to take a snap view on the publics thinking on hospitality and to help our partners in 5 key areas of planning how they can re-open their venue when its safe to do so. These areas are critical for businesses in planning stock and staffing levels whilst also ensuring public confidence that their establishment is a safe place to visit. We received over 350 different suggestions from participants on their views on safety and social distancing and have taken the main elements of these and matched them to products available to help hospitality businesses encourage customers to return”.

See the full results: www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-T6GQDK6X7

Read our full document on getting back to work

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