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Open plan kitchens: the pros and cons

Open kitchen restaurants are currently taking the catering and restaurant industry by storm, there’s no two ways about it! But are they really as good as they seem? This blog explores both the pros and cons when it comes to having a commercial open plan kitchen.

Open plan commercial kitchens pros –

  • It allows the customers to see directly into the kitchen so that they know where their food is being prepped and gives that transparency that is beneficial when it comes to building customer trust.
  • The smells and sights have been proven to actually make some people feel hungrier which means that your customers may end up ordering more food than they were initially planning on.
  • If your premises is small, this could be the perfect way to save space and money. It means you can create a front of house and kitchen all in one go! It will also save money when it comes to powering just one area and not two separate ones.

Open plan commercial kitchens cons –

  • Your customers will be able to see every little thing that goes on in the kitchen, that means they may be able to catch any mistakes that your chefs or servers might make. Sometimes on a busy night prep counters might get cluttered which doesn’t give off the best impression.
  • It could become easy for your chefs and kitchen staff to get distracted if something is happening in the seating area. This is turn could create a wait on the food which is never good.
  • And finally, sometimes some people just don’t want to see behind the curtain. They might not want to see things being fried or frozen food being used which could in turn put them off.

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