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Other Appliances

Our Commercial Catering Equipment

Here at NWCE Food Service Equipment, we are proud to say our engineers are fully trained and they are able to work on an extensive range of commercial food service equipment and appliances from a range of different manufacturers. For more information on a specific piece of equipment or appliance, please click on the link below.

We also offer 24 hour breakdown cover as well as service and maintenance plans on  your food service equipment. We can create a bespoke plan that fits your catering needs, so whether that’s working around your business hours or focusing more on your ventilation systems than other parts of your kitchen, our commercial catering engineers will be able to make something that works for you!

4 burner gas oven
4 burner gas oven
6 Burner Gas Oven
Bain Marie
Blast chiller
Bottle coolers
Chest freezer
Combination oven
Counter fridges
deck oven
Deck ovens
Display fridges
Dough proofer
Meat fridge
Meat fridge
Meat slicer
Multi-deck chiller
Pizza Prep Tables
Pizza Ovens
Prep Counters
Pressure Cookers
Snack Chillers
Storage fridge
Undercounter Appliances
Walk-in Chiller
Walk-in freezer
Chip Scuttle
Bratt Pan
food blenders
Food preparation
Salamander Grills
Convection Ovens
Holding Cabinets
Induction Range Cooker
Induction Cooker
Contact Grills
Vacuum Packing
Hot Cupboard
Sous Vide
Servery Services
Gantry Services
spiral mixer
Spiral Mixers
Solid Top Services
Planetary Mixer Services
emergency refrigeration units
Emergency Refrigeration Units