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What is planned preventative catering equipment maintenance?

Every kitchen and service works slightly differently. We understand that you can’t care for all commercial kitchens and catering equipment the same. That’s why we create individual planned preventative maintenance measures, to make sure that we cover what your kitchen needs. We don’t just provide the basic care that your catering equipment needs, we strive to provide the upmost care! 

What is planned preventative maintenance?

Before we carry out any work, our engineers will make a site visit. In this visit they will talk to you about what your expectations are for a maintenance plan, as well as taking a look at the kitchen and catering equipment. They will also check over and carry out a condition report on the equipment. 

Like we’ve mentioned before, all equipment is different and that equipment needs to be serviced and maintained differently, so once we’ve got a list, we will be able to come up with a maintenance plan that is completely tailored to your kitchen. 

Why does your commercial kitchen need planned preventative maintenance?

The planned and routine maintenance means that you’re constantly on top of what’s actually happening with your commercial equipment. It also means you can catch problems in the early stages and prevent larger issues from arising. 

Our engineers can also advise you on when it’s time to replace catering equipment. With their expert knowledge they’ll be able to advise you on whether a simple part can be replaced r if the whole thing needs replacing. This early flag up could help prevent problems occuring later on in your kitchen. 

We believe that prevention is better then the cure, so by fixing smaller problems early on, they’re less likely to escalate into a big and potentially costly breakdown later down the line.

The aim of our planned preventative maintenance is to help prevent any breakdowns or big problem before they happen. Then moving forward, we can manage the decision between equipment repair and replacement. We’ll always acting in the interest of you to ensure minimal down-time.

Catering equipment

If you kitchen isn’t covered by one of our service and maintenance plans then why not get in touch with our team today to start the process.