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How Can Nwce Help?

NWCE have worked in all manor of private sector kitchens, for instance restaurants, breweries and hotels. Bars however, have slightly different kitchen needs. There is usually a smaller section to work within and don’t need as much technical catering equipment. 
Our team have knowledge that is unparalleled within the foodservice industry, thanks to our many years of experience. Therefore, NWCE have seen the industry grow and change and as a foodservice company we have had to grow and change with the demand. So we are able to help supply your hotel with very specific foodservice and catering equipment.
Working with bars, we tend to focus more on the refrigeration sections, whether that is front of hour or back of house. We have teams in place for services including maintenance, servicing, installations and sales.  If you are looking to create a brand new bar set up, we can help create your perfect commercial kitchen but front of house also. 

Revolutionize your bar with our comprehensive bar equipment services, catering to the unique needs of the private sector. From commercial bar equipment supply to seamless installations, NWCE is your trusted partner for elevating your establishment’s beverage service.Invest in premium bar service equipment to enhance your UK establishment’s efficiency, style, and customer satisfaction.

Kitchen Layout for Bars:

NWCE excels in designing kitchen spaces that optimise workflow, thus allowing bartenders and kitchen staff to work harmoniously. The restaurant kitchen layout is carefully planned to enhance productivity, with designated areas for preparation, cooking, and plating. NWCE understands the importance of a well-organised kitchen in the success of any bar to make the most of space.

Design and layout of bars and kitchens play an undeniably pivotal role in creating a memorable bar experience. Whether it’s a trendy bar in the heart of the city or a cosy pub tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood. Then the careful consideration of design elements can elevate the ambiance and functionality of these spaces.

North West Catering and Equipment (NWCE) stands at the forefront of providing cutting-edge solutions for bars kitchen design. Incorporating the latest trends and innovations to meet the diverse needs of clients.

Bar Design Ideas:

The bar counter is a crucial element that can significantly impact the overall design and customer experience. NWCE specialises in designing bar counters that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. Whether it’s a marble-topped counter or a reclaimed wood counter, NWCE tailors designs to suit the unique character of bars.

NWCE understands that the bar is often the focal point of any hospitality establishment. The overall design sets the tone for the entire space. Modern bar design goes beyond just serving drinks; it’s about creating an immersive and inviting atmosphere.

Sleek and minimalist bars are gaining popularity, with clean lines and vibrant lighting that exude a contemporary vibe. NWCE’s expertise lies in conceptualising and implementing such designs. This ensures that the bar becomes a visually stunning element that complements the overall aesthetic of the venue.

Commercial Kitchen Design

Modern Commercial Bar Design:

Modern bars are characterised by their clean and sophisticated look. NWCE embraces the principles of modern design by incorporating sleek materials, innovative lighting, and ergonomic bar furniture.

The use of technology is also integrated into the design, with digital displays and smart lighting systems creating an engaging atmosphere. Modern bar design by NWCE aims to provide a visually appealing and technologically advanced space. Therefore, we cater to the preferences of today’s discerning clientele.

NWCE embraces contemporary kitchen design, which goes beyond trends to focus on timeless aesthetics and functionality. Clean lines, a neutral colour palette, and the integration of sustainable materials are hallmarks of NWCE’s contemporary kitchen designs. The result is a kitchen that meets the current standards but also remains visually appealing for years to come.

Restaurants, Outdoor Bars and Pubs

In the realm of restaurant kitchen layouts, NWCE excels in creating spaces that balance efficiency with aesthetics. Open kitchen concepts, where customers can see the culinary magic unfold, are gaining popularity, and NWCE seamlessly integrates these layouts into the overall design. So the result is a transparent and interactive dining experience that adds a layer of authenticity to the establishment.

The trend of outdoor kitchen bars is on the rise, especially in regions where patrons can enjoy pleasant weather year-round. NWCE specialises in designing outdoor kitchen bars that seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. Durable materials that withstand outdoor elements and comfortable seating arrangements are key components of NWCE’s outdoor kitchen bar designs.

For those seeking a cosy and traditional ambiance, NWCE excels in pub kitchen design. Warm colours, rustic materials, and vintage-inspired elements characterise these designs. NWCE understands the importance of creating a comfortable and welcoming space in pubs.

Private sector and bar foodservice equipment

Here at NWCE Foodservice Equipment, we know how frustrating it can be if anything in your kitchen breaks down or doesn’t work as it should. That’s why we offer a 24-hour breakdown service to help minimise the chaos this can bring! 
We understand that the majority of kitchens and equipment within the private sector require more attention and an in-depth service due to the above average amount of usage. We also appreciate that most servicing and maintenance will need to be carried out around your working hours. Therefore this is why we have a dedicated service team for commercial kitchen requirements.
For a full list of our accreditations, so why not check out our accreditations page? If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today.