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Commercial dishwasher

What you need to think about when purchasing a commercial dishwasher.

So you’re looking into purchasing a commercial dishwasher for your commercial kitchen. But what do you need to consider when it comes to finding the right dishwasher for your kitchen? Well luckily, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of things that need to be thought about when it comes to your future commercial dishwasher.

Commercial dishwasher

Cost –

This is going to be one of the most important factors when it comes to looking at a new commercial dishwasher. There is no point finding something that ticks all your kitchen’s boxes if you can’t afford it. Make sure you consider the running costs as well as the purchase costs.

Capacity/size –

You need to get a dishwasher that fits within your kitchen. However, it needs to be able to handle the amount of washing your kitchen and restaurant needs to get through on a busy service.

Easy access/easy to use –

Appliances such as the dishwasher will be used by different members of the kitchen team. So you need to make sure that the dishwasher you choose will be simple enough and easily accessible for everyone to use.

Speed/temperature of cycle –

As we’ve mentioned before, all these details need to fit in with the pace of your commercial kitchen. The dishwasher you choose needs to be able to keep up with the rate of dirty dishes that will be coming back into the kitchen. The speed and temperature of the dishwasher will affect that.

Water and energy usage –

Try to choose a dishwasher that is energy efficient! It will help keep your costs down and be better for your kitchen overall!

Commercial catering equipment

Here at NWCE, we offer an extensive range of dishwasher and commercial catering equipment services! We believe that prevention is better than the cure, which is why we like to promote our maintenance and services plans to help keep your kitchen ticking over as it should!