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commercial catering equipment

What to think about when purchasing commercial catering equipment?

Creating a restaurant or catering company from scratch is a very big deal, and of course to be successful you need to have all the right equipment. And that can be very expensive! But how can you make sure you’re getting enough bang for your buck? And that you’ve actually bought items that are going to be useful on your commercial kitchen? To run a successful kitchen, it’s essential that you have the right commercial catering equipment!

Commercial catering equipment

Firstly, start off with deciding what pieces of equipment are the most important for your kitchen. You may not need more specific appliances like a pizza oven, meat slicer or chip scuttles in your kitchen so there is no point spending your hard earned money on them. Once you know what equipment you need, you need to think about the space that you have available in the kitchen. Make sure when you lay your kitchen out, you leave enough room for your chefs to work safely. So when it comes down to buying your equipment, if you are new it’s always worth taking someone who may have more experience.

Make sure you ask all the relevant questions and look out for the National Sanitation Foundation blue sticker on your equipment, so that you know it is safe to use in commercial environments. It’s worth looking into buying second hand, however make sure you do all your relevant checks to make sure that the equipment is safe and acceptable to be used in your kitchen. Finally, don’t cut any corners when it comes to your refrigeration systems. You want your food to be at its best when it comes to serving it to your customers, and a good refrigeration system will ensure that!

NWCE Catering Engineers

Here at NWCE, we offer services, repairs and maintenance on a whole host of commercial catering equipment and you can find a full list here. So if you have any issues with any of your equipment, or you would like to set up a maintenance plan to help prevent any issues developing, get in contact with our team today.