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Why refrigeration maintenance is important for your catering company?

We have a few clients who ask us, what’s the point in having a maintenance plan or a service plan? Why should I not just use my equipment until it doesn’t work any more. Then I can buy new equipment and keep repeating that circle? Well that is an option that you have. But what could you do if something happened within the first few months of usage that could’ve been prevented with a service and maintenance plan? We like to think that prevention is better than cure in cases such as this, which is why we’ve written this blog on why it’s so important to service your refrigeration systems.

  • Running costs – your refrigeration systems are one of the only things in your catering environment that will run constantly. So you need to make sure that it’s running efficiently. That includes thinking about where it’s set up and installed and even how it’s being used.
  • Restricted airflow – this can cause more issues that people actually realise! If you’ve stacked/place things wrong it can actually reduce the airflow by a massive 20%! Which means that your  produce won’t stay as fresh for as long as they should.
  • Faulty controller – if your controller or defrost settings aren’t set up correctly, it could actually increase your power consumption by up to 15%! Which means you’d be paying for power that you don’t need.
  • Faulty door seals – this would again increase your power consumption unnecessarily. The gaps/faults in the seal means that hot air in the surrounding area could seep its way in. Making it work harder for no reason.

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Our catering engineers are fully Gas Safe trained which means they’re able to service and maintain whatever catering equipment you may have. We also offer a 24 hour breakdown service which covers you at any time of the day, anywhere you may be! Why not get in touch with one of our team today?