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Why is it so important to have a repairs and maintenance service plan?

We talk a lot about our repairs and maintenance service plans, however we still get clients asking about the benefits. Well, this blog will hopefully clear up why it’s so important to have your food service equipment covered.

  • Efficiency –

This first point can be taken in a few different ways. Having your equipment in the best possible condition means that your commercial catering environment will be running smoothly and everything will be working efficiently. This means you can reduce your equipment downtime whilst increasing your output and maintaining your foods quality.  When your kitchen equipment is running efficiently, it also means you will be reducing your energy consumption. And in turn, you will be environmentally efficient as well.

  • Compliance –

There’s a huge amount of health and safety laws when it comes to food service equipment, and what better way to keep on top of it then to have someone else deal with it for you? Our catering engineers Birmingham are fully Gas Safe trained and they’re able to make sure your kitchen is working safely and up to the best standard possible.

So why should you get a service plan?

Having a service plan with us means that if anything does go wrong, you don’t have to worry. Our engineers are able to come out, no matter what time or day and fix the problem. Our company motto is prevention is better than cure! So if we can prevent something going wrong with your food service equipment before it actually happens then we would much rather do that. It also means you don’t have one major cost which could be difficult to gather together. Instead, you’re paying it off on a monthly basis, in smaller more manageable chunks.

Catering engineers Birmingham

We have a North West based office however our engineers cover a huge amount of the UK, to find out if your area is covered click HERE.

If you’re interested in our repairs and maintenance service plan, then get in touch with one of our team today!