Restaurant foodservice equipment for pubs, cafes and mobile catering!
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Commercial Kitchen Design & Foodservice equipment

Restaurant foodservice equipment for pubs, cafes and mobile catering!

Opening a catering business of any kind is going to be a huge task. It can be hard to determine where to spend the money, what the essentials food service equipment items to invest in. This is the exact scenario perfect for catering specialists NWCE, who can give you the necessary Commercial Kitchen Help.

Our catering engineers are proud providers of foodservice equipment and service for any type of catering business.  And, has been providing catering equipment services for restaurants, pubs, cafes, and mobile catering businesses for years.

Covering the UK, NWCE has a solution for every kitchen concern. Our catering engineers tackle kitchen installations, maintenance, ventilation, fabrication services and so much more!

refrigeration equipment & servicing

NWCE are commercial kitchen specialists in every aspect, but especially for restaurant kitchens. There are plenty of services to maximise your kitchen’s potential, starting with restaurant foodservice equipment that is available and also new to the industry. 

Our knowledge of matching catering appliances to your type of food service requirements is perfect for saving your time. Our catering specialist will know the exact models and in-depth knowledge to ensure any appliance we install is fit for its purpose.

To give a few examples: Display Chillers and Fridges are essential in cafes and bars and lead to more sales. Our services can help you adapt to the ever-changing markets of the food industry. Helping you provide more space, organisation, and visual opportunities to display your foodstuff. 

Commercial Glass Washer 

We know first-hand that it isn’t only the cookers and the refrigeration, that matter. So, NWCE wants to make customers aware of our other services; niche services that make a massive impact on food and drink retailers.

Glass Washers are up there with cookers and refrigeration equipment for how important they are for busy bars and kitchens. NWCE offers glasswasher repairs and glasswasher servicing so that your Glass Washer is up to the task.

In addition, NWCE also provides commercial glasswasher rental services, for especially busy times of the year.

Commercial Cellar Cooling

Commercial Cellar Cooling Systems are a vital way of preserving stock, and luckily for you, NWCE has cellar cooling engineers at your disposal. However, it’s not just cooling appliances we install and maintain. Our cellar cooling engineers can also install ventilation systems to make your cellar and storage facilities safe, hygienic environments.

A commercial ventilation installation and cooling system can quite literally breathe new life into your cellar and kitchen.

foodservice equipment for mobile catering!

Thankfully the NWCE team each has an LPG Gas Safety Certificate for Catering Trailer and pop-up restaurants. All to ensure the safety and professionalism of your food services. 

Covering The Highlands down to South West England, NWCE is your one-stop company for all food service equipment.

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