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Site survey for the service of all school kitchen equipment

With the fast-paced move to lock down during the current COVID 19 Pandemic many schools, colleges and Universities had to move quickly to shut down kitchens with little planning or budget in place.

At the start of the lock down NWCE Food Service Equipment published advisory guidelines on the safest way to carry out a temporary shutdown, however we appreciate that under the circumstances many facilities would not understandably have been unable to carry out full checks.

As we move towards a government announcement on the potential lifting of aspects of the lock down, NWCE are offering all Education facilities the services of one of their fully qualified engineers, free of charge, to assist in switching back on units and ensuring they are safe to use.

Whilst on site their engineer will, if required, carry out a free no obligation health check of all equipment ensuring a systematic inspection of the equipment.

Ben Odling, NWCE Managing Director added “ We feel like we need to give something back to the community so we are offering to send an engineer to schools, free of charge to switch units back on and make sure everything is safe to use.

We want to help make sure that kitchens are reopening safely, examples would be making sure that dishwasher dosing and temperatures are correct to help sanitise cutlery and plates, carry out gas tightness test to check for any gas leaks and also to make sure combination ovens are drained, re-filled and turned on properly, just to name a few.”

NWCE are Nominated supplier for TUCO and all engineers are CRB/DBS/Safe Contractor approved.

Why use NWCE

  • Nominated supplier for TUCO (part of the tuco frame work)
  • Free equipment health check on completion of service/PPM
  • Extra discounts on new equipment for the public sector
  • 30% discount on all second service per annum
  • Dedicated in-house public sector team
  • Menu consultation
  • Considerable van stock for first time fix
  • Checks CRB/DBS/Safe Contractor approved
  • Free CP 42 gas certificate on completion of all services
  • ASSET register stickers numbered/of all equipment on completion of service PPM
  • All engineers have strict guidance on infection control and have regular PPE replenishment
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